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Dustin’s book shows moms how to get fit once and forever by changing their mindset, altering their environment, improving their nutrition, and refining their exercise techniques. Then he details how you can raise your metabolism, burn calories, and inspire others to be their best, too. And finally, he shares the motivational success stories of 31 real moms like you whom he helped get healthy. Read the book, then use it to create your success story. All this inspiration can be yours for $19.99 (or less if you’re ordering several copies for friends). Buy now and you’ll also receive four bonuses: a list of 108 healthy habits to adopt, a secret exercise to trim your waist by 2 inches in 2 weeks, a workout video to target your butt and thighs, and an audio coaching series of advice from nutritionists, experts, and even Dustin’s mom!
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BabyTone Workout

2 DVD Set
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babyToneDVDLayoutHaving a baby expands your heart—but it doesn’t have to permanently expand your body. The seven workouts on these DVDs are only 15 minutes long, so they’re manageable for time-crunched new moms to complete. Some use the baby in his or her stroller as a workout aid, some are meant to be done indoors with the little one, but all are designed to boost mom’s energy, helping her lose weight, gain confidence, and fight postpartum depression. They’re a great way for mom to bond with her baby and do something for herself at the same time.
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FM4L Ultimate Buddy Boot Camp

4 DVDs
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DVDbootcampPart of the Fit Moms for Life philosophy is that the support of a like-minded community is an invaluable asset in meeting your fitness goals—and that community can be as small as one other person: a workout buddy! Designed for you and a buddy to do at home, the 10 workouts in these DVDs range from 20 to 40 minutes long, so it’s easy to find time to do them, but each is challenging, invigorating, and guaranteed to kick your butt—in a great way!
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FM4L Got Core DVD Set

2 DVD Set
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got-core-upright-graphicA flat, toned tummy isn’t a pipe dream—even post-baby! The eight workouts in this two DVD series target the area new moms ask Dustin for help with most often—the dreaded core. Each workout is about 20 minutes long, fun, and fast-paced—and each should come with a warning label: Do these regularly and you may find yourself shopping for bikinis again!
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Buns, Guns, Back & Shoulders

4-Pack Set
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buns-and-guns-graphicWave Bye-Bye to “bra fat”—and go ahead and wear a tank top while you do, because after completing the workouts in these videos, you won’t have wobbly arms, but guns that can rival Michelle Obama’s. Dustin created these workouts after clients asked him to focus on these four key problem areas—and to do so fast. His answer: these 12 workouts, which take only 8 to 15 minutes each, but will have you feeling great all day long. Buy the DVDs to amp up your arms, boost your butt, strengthen your shoulders and smooth your back. You’ll be glad you did.
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Fit Moms for Life Monthly DVD Program

$129 12-DVD Set

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fm4lStaying healthy and happy isn’t the result of a crash diet or even just a six-week challenge; it’s the result of making a lifetime commitment to fitness and fun. That’s why Dustin created the FM4L Monthly DVD program, to keep moms engaged, energized, and active. Each DVD features a real mom like you leading a workout that works for her, and each video builds on the previous month’s exercises. The wonder-women in these videos are not superheroes—they’re moms like you who got fit, plan to stay fit and are eager to share their secrets, tips, and techniques for staying in shape while raising a family. This was a 12 month program, available for $39/month.  However, for a limited time, purchase the entire 12 Month set for just $129–a discount of $300!!!  Don’t miss these incredible savings–grab this excellent set now.

FM4L Six-Week Challenge Leader’s Kit


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fm4l_leaders_collage_for_webThis package provides you with everything you need to lead moms like you to greater health, fitness, and confidence in six weekly sessions. Help others as you lose extra weight and make extra money. Click here to get all of the details and learn how you can maximize your own results while helping other women do the same!

FM4L Six-Week Challenge Member’s Kit

$47 Digital Only

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fm4l_participant_collage_d.inddConsider this the “school supplies” for the intensive six-week class you’re joining. This package gives you everything you need to take the challenge on your own or as part of a group near you: video workouts; easy, healthy recipes; inspirational homework; and counseling on nutrition, mindset and community—plus access to our private Facebook group and online members-only website, which will give you the support of fellow moms who meet in a place that’s convenient to all—cyberspace. Click here to learn more about this–our MOST effective program.


Dustin’s clients often ask him about nutritional supplements—are they are a good idea? Dustin’s take: sure—if you’re already committed to fitness and are eating healthy; if not, there’s no magic pill that’s going to help you! Below are the supplements Dustin himself uses.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Powder

cookbookandcollagen for webFit Moms for Life is proud to offer a special protein powder that is among the purest in the world and offers unparalleled health benefits.

Hydrolyzed collagen is a one-ingredient product that will dissolve in anything–hot or cold–and is odorless and tasteless.  It helps build lean muscle, decreases appetite and–best of all–reduces inflammation and joint pain.

It comes from pasture-raised cattle and offers the benefits of drinking bone broth each day with the ease of mixing the powder into anything from coffee, tea, applesauce, spaghetti sauce, or a smoothie.

Click here to learn more and order this amazing protein from Amazon.  It comes with a free, downloadable hydrolyzed collagen cookbook!


Of course, you should try to get all your vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet, high in organic veggies and fruits. But Dustin also uses a multivitamin as a “safety net” for those days when life gets in the way, and we don’t manage to get all the daily vitamins and nutrients we need. Click here to learn more about both the Women’s and Men’s Multivitamins.

Krill Oil

Also known as Fish Oil or Omega-3 capsules, these supplements provide you with Omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy antioxidants found in fatty fish like salmon (without the risk of mercury intake that comes with frequently eating the fish itself). Omega-3s have been shown to lower cholesterol, fight pain, and promote weight loss. Click here to learn more about Krill Oil.

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