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Why Losing my Driver License was Rewarding

      This post is from Shelly K, a contributor to Dustin's blog.   In December I lost my driver license and subsequently found it, but not before I headed to the DMV for a replacement.  I first went to the DMV website and downloaded the paperwork of which includes the standard hair color, eye color, height and oh yeah WEIGHT, among other.  So what in the series of events unfolding might … [Read more...]

My Wake-Up Call

In my last post, I wrote about Why Losing my Driver License was Rewarding, ultimately sharing there was much pleasure in being able to enter a new much lower weight and see a much thinner face in my pic.  I told you in the next post I would tell you how I did it.   Well it started with a wake-up call! It was late summer of 2009 and I was vacationing with several close friends from grad school and … [Read more...]