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"Since joining Dustin's Mamatone class a little over four months ago, I have seen many improvements in my strength, body fat percentage, cardio ability and overall body tone.  I really dreaded exercise prior to working with Dustin and had to really push myself to do much of anything.  Since starting with Mamatone, I have not only attended twice a week, but I have kept it up at home as well.  I am now working toward doing my first triathlon.  The Mamatone class, in addition to a better diet, has helped me to lose over 25 pounds and helped me to gain more confidence in myself."

Tracy from Madison, WI

"Before I started my sessions with Dustin, not only was my lower back giving me problems, but my doctor had suggested that I add weight training to my running to help reduce the muscle loss typical of someone after 40. As busy as life is, this is not something I would
have found time for on my own. So, my wife and my son gave me 6 sessions with Dustin, which I looked forward to because it was a great chance to also spend time with my 15 year old son. Those six sessions have since turned into 8 personal training sessions per
month plus Dustin’s core class oncea week. One year later, my back gives me absolutely no trouble, I went from not being able to dead-lift anything with my bad back, to dead-lifting 310 lbs, from bench-pressing 110 lbs to 200 lbs, and my now 16 year old son and I have one
more thing that we really love to do together."

Tim Osswald, 48

"I have been going to personal training sessions with Dustin, and his core class, for a year now with my dad. Not only do we just really have a good time, but I feel so much stronger than before. I went from benching only the bar, which is 45 lbs, to benching 120 lbs, plus I can dead-lift 230 lbs (not that I am competing with my dad, or anything).  I like the fact that I am learning how to do this the right way. Dustin has also taught me a lot about nutrition and how to make sure I am getting the proper foods for a person of my age."

Paul Osswal
d, 16

“My interest in getting a personal trainer arose from a concern about losing strength as
I aged.  Although I have done aerobic exercise regularly, I noticed that I was losing strength,
particularly upper body strength with time (I am 63).  I was fortunate to connect with Dustin as my trainer, since he was willing and eager to develop a program that would meet my needs.  He designed a workout routine that was varied to keep my interest but challenging so that I could see some progress in a very short time.  Dustin seemed to know my abilities and pushed me hard enough to make progress but didn't ask or expect the impossible.  I learned a great deal about weight training to strengthen specific muscle groups and how to develop and maintain core strength.  After working with Dustin twice per week for about six months, I was really pleased with the results and I have continued that program for about two years.  I am now substantially stronger, I have better posture, I look better, and I definitely have more energy for everything I do.  I can even do 10 pullups!  In addition to being a very effective trainer, Dustin is a very personable young man and it is fun to spend time with him while getting the benefits of a good workout program.  I would definitely recommend Dustin as a personal trainer to anyone who has fitness goals that include getting stronger, improving appearance, and increasing your energy level.”
Larry Bundy

“When I started working out with Dustin, I was having difficulty sleeping due to some back problems.   Within a few weeks, I was feeling stronger and sleeping through the night. 
Dustin did an outstanding job balancing what my body could handle with pushing me to do
more.    In the past six months, I have double or tripled most of the weigh bearing exercises
I am doing.  I would not have been able to do this without Dustin and his motivational spirit.   Dustin does an excellent job of challenging you to take it the next level and keeping the workout fresh.   He also has provided very valuable nutritional advice throughout my time with him.”

Pete B

“Simply stated, Dustin has taught me skills that will be with me for the rest of my life. He showed me how to lift weights properly and then encouraged me to do this regularly. As a result of Dustin's training I am stronger and healthier, without a doubt. Dustin is honest, reliable, kind, and a delight to work with. You will be hard pressed to find a better personal trainer than Dustin.”

David I. Watkins,
Professor of Pathology
University of Wisconsin-Madison.

First off, I just have to say that Dustin’s core class is AWESOME!

I am an avid mountain and road bicyclist, and I have been racing for a few years.  Overall,
my training has mainly consisted of a lot of time in the saddle with various biking groups.  Although this was rigorous, it wasn’t focused, and I generally did not incorporate weight training.  From what I had read, I knew rounding out my training with weights could improve my riding skills, but I hadn’t found the motivation or time to do it.

Last fall, I began to feel as if I had hit my peak.  Dissatisfied with what I tried on my own, I
decided it was time to meet with a trainer.  I have friends that had worked with Dustin, and after hearing about and seeing their positive results, we got started.

I have been training with Dustin twice a week for about six months.  I am also in my third session of his core class.  Working with Dustin has dramatically improved my mental and physical strength, balance, speed, and agility.  I have never felt as strong as I do now, and I love how my body looks -- ripped abs, chiseled arms, shoulders and chest – I feel great!  Oh yeah, did I mention his core class is AWESOME?  I wake up the next day after class with sore
muscles I didn’t even know I had!

Dustin is always thinking up fun, creative things to do to improve your performance, and
he’s great at finding personal ways to guide and encourage you.  I look forward to each session.  I start preparing the evening before and throughout the day, being more conscious of the food I eat and the amount of sleep I get.

All of this has translated into some phenomenal gains in terms of my cycling.  Last night, I went mountain biking for the first time this season with some buddies I haven’t seen since last season. 
My downhill and technical abilities felt very controlled and smooth.  Right from the start, I was
performing better than ever before.  Everyone commented that I looked leaner and stronger, and one friend in particular (with whom I am probably the most competitive) was very concerned that I’ll be beating him all season long. 

I opened the racing season very strong, and I foresee placing in a lot of the races this year.  In
fact, the plan Dustin and I developed together has worked so well that I intend to continue to weight train during the season, even though it means cutting back a little on time in the saddle.  Thanks, Dustin!

Todd Hill
Madison, WI

Dustin is changing our lives. We are seeing him as a family including my 8 year old son that not only gets to learn great life skills and habits but also gets another great role model. He has been non-judgmental, supportive, educational, and we are getting stronger by the day! Thanks, Dustin!

Jeff and Kris
Madison, WI
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