Achieving a Personal Goal

Hi everyone, it’s Katie C., one of Dustin’s blog contributors.  When reading the posts on Dustin’s blog, the posts that have been most inspiring to me are the ones in which people commit to a goal and openly talk about the process, the challenges, and the final outcome.  Recent examples include Dustin’s commitment to the fitness modeling competition and Shelly’s completion of her first 5K. I … [Read more...]

Hamstring and Butt Toning Exercise

Today in the video we talk about having a workout buddy.  If you are looking for a great way to be accountable with others under the guidance of a highly qualified trainer, check out Madison Fit Fun Bootcamps. The exercise you are about to see is one of the toughest and most intense exercises you can do to target the hamstrings.  In most people, the hamstring is underdeveloped compared to the … [Read more...]