Roasted Veggies On The Menu

Whenever I look over a bootcamper's or mamatoner's food journal, one of the most common comments I make is, "Eat more veggies!"  Our society has gotten away from fresh veggies and instead gone to processed quick microwavable meals.  Veggies are the perfect food... low calories, high nutrient level, and high satiety factor. Today, my mom shares with you a great way to get a lot of veggies in you … [Read more...]

Healthy Omelet Recipes

This week's recipe is going to focus on omelets. Omelets are one of my favorite meals because of its high protein content, low carbs, high nutrients, ease of making, and of course they taste great! Omelets are very versatile and can be adaptable to you and your kid's taste buds. I have fond memories of my mom making me omelets before I went to school! My mom definitely knows what she is … [Read more...]