5 Small Simple Changes For Long Term Progress

Sometimes as a fitness professional I can get carried away by telling you to make these 10 drastic changes in your life. In reality that is overwhelming and you probably won't do anything. Lasting change and massive transformation in your life will occur when you make SMALL consistent changes over a long period of time. Lets use a farming analogy... You are sitting in a tractor and are … [Read more...]

What Really Happens When You Drink Soda

This is a cute video to remind us of a VERY serious and not cute problem, more like an epidemic the world is experiencing.  Below is from a recent excerpt I wrote in my newsletter. Today I wanted to share with you two different stories from the past couple days that tie into one another. I had a MamaToner come up to me after class and ask me why I don't talk about cigarettes like I talk about … [Read more...]