Amazing Body Transformation: How One Woman Lost 52 lbs Despite Medical Problems

It was about 5 months ago that a friend of mine told me about a woman who was interested in in-home training. Since I really didn't do in-home training anymore because of such a busy schedule, I wanted to get her to try MamaTone or Fit Fun Bootcamps. After speaking with her and hearing about the horror she has gone through the past few years and the severe limitations she had, I knew it was either … [Read more...]

Amazing Fat Loss Transformation: Cardio Queen Sees Light of Day!

The story I am about to share with you is an all too common story. It is a client who came to me because she was frustrated that her body was holding on to so much fat, despite the fact that she was doing endless amounts of cardio and trying to eat healthy. After sitting down with her and analyzing her exercise and eating habits, it became clear that she was eating away her muscle with her endless … [Read more...]