Pushup Workout Routine

I want to first congratulate Jody Rindy for winning 1 free year of bootcamp!  We held a 7 week contest for who could recruit the most people to Fit Fun Bootcamp and MamaTone.  Jody blew the competition away with 10 people!  In the past year she has referred close to 20 clients to my programs.  She is very well deserving of this reward!  She has also lost 59 lbs and is in by far the best shape … [Read more...]

Push-ups: They Aren’t Just For Men!

Many women and their view of push-ups frustrates me more than pretty much anything else in the fitness field.  I don't know where the mentality started, that women can't do push-ups and need to do them on their knees.  That is such a victims/low-expectation mentality.  Within 3 months of training with me, most women are able to do at least 20 perfect push-ups on their toes.  My philosophy, is that … [Read more...]