Choosing a Fitness Program | One Of The Biggest Tips I Can Give You!

One of my small group clients made a comment to me that got me thinking. She saw another one of my clients (extremely hardcore and dedicated), getting pumped up for his next workout. She asked me, "When does this ever stop? Don't you get to a place where you are happy with your results and then just stop?" Unfortunately, some think that this whole eating healthy and exercising is a kick someone … [Read more...]

What is your excuse?

My one year Fit Fun Bootcamp anniversary was not a day I ever thought would occur. If I am being honest, the only reason I signed up for bootcamp was because there was a three week deal, and I convinced myself that I could do anything for three weeks. When I first told my husband he said, ‘You? Are going to get up at 5am? And run the Elver Park hill?’ I mean, when you put it that way I suppose it … [Read more...]

Working Out While on Vacation

Hi, this is Liz one of Dustin's contributors.  With Spring Break fast approaching my anxiety about getting good workouts in while away from home increases greatly!  I'm so used to MamaTone 3 times a week, running, and doing Got Core once or twice a week I know that I will go crazy if I don't challenge my body while we are gone.  I'm a strong believer that I'm  better mom, wife, and person when I … [Read more...]

A Healthier and Happier You!

Hi this is Liz, one of Dustin's new contributors.  I figure my first post should be about how I got to where I am in my fitness and nutritional life.  In high school I was very active and ran on the track and cross country teams.  I was by no means very good, I think I participated more for the camaraderie than because I was passionate about it. I loved hiking and being active outside on the … [Read more...]

Exercising During Pregnancy

Today I have a special guest write named Alecia.  She was recently on CBS news with me showing some great lower body exercises.  What impressed me most about Alecia was how hard she continued to work throughout her pregnancy as well as soon after she delivered the baby.  At this point I need to say that I am not a doctor and you should check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared to … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Workout

It is getting close to Halloween.  In honor of this time of the year, I went on CBS and had one of my MamaToners, Jennifer, demonstrate some great exercises that you can do with just a pumpkin!  Jennifer is a mom of two little kids, who I have been working with for the past 3.5 months.  I am extremely proud of Jen's hard work and determination.  She came to MamaTone in pretty good shape already, … [Read more...]

Try Something Extreme!

Today's video is certainly entertaining and will provide you with some smiles watching me not only get dominated by John, but really experiencing some good pain along the way.  (I have been told by many of you that you love watch me hurt, you sick individuals :) ) This is the second to last video I have for you with John and I.  We had been going hard for about 45 minutes filming when we got to … [Read more...]

MamaTone: This Mission Behind It

Last week ABC came to MamaTone to do a story for the evening and morning news.  Kim Sveum, did an awesome job reporting the story.  Kim is a mother of two, and just as passionate as I am, at helping moms and families succeed in life.  She produces the bi-weekly "Parenting Project," from channel 27 news, in Madison, Wisconsin.  Be sure to check out her blog. [youtube UXcM9zvtQWk] This story does … [Read more...]

Jody’s Amazing Fat Loss Transformation on NBC

A couple weeks ago I shared the story about Jody, a mom who had five kids who lost nearly 50 lbs in the past 7 months.  Click here to read her story. NBC heard about the story and featured her in my fitness segment.  This amazing fat loss transformation shows how anybody who works hard and is committed to exercise and eating healthy can achieve amazing results!  I received many emails and calls … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Transformation: Mom Puts Herself First And Drops 53 lbs!

As I have said many times, I feel bless to have the job I have and be able to do what I do.  The story you are about to read emphasizes this point.  I get great satisfaction that in some way, I have improved the quality of life of a person, helped them live longer, help them see the world differently, and instill an "I Can" belief.  I met Lynn about 8 months ago and have been blessed to see the … [Read more...]