How Healthy of a Lifestyle Are You Living? Take This Test

There is a test I like to give people to help them discover just how healthy of a lifestyle they are really living. I call it the vacation test. The type of vacations you enjoy taking are often telling of the type of person you are. Do you plan and search out fun, physical activities to do, or do you prefer to sit and relax waiting only to enjoy your next meal and drink? On our private FB page … [Read more...]

You Are Never Too Old To Start Exercising

This video really inspired and reminded me that age is mostly just a number and that no matter your age you can improve and transform.  Sonny was in his mid 40's before he ever picked up a weight and started working out.  Now it has become a core part of who he is and what he stands for. I want you to think about your life.  What is something you can start doing that you might have thought … [Read more...]

Patrick Ivison An Inspiration To Us All!

For those of you who know me, you know I love inspirational stories of people who don't let their physical limitations get them down.  I get so upset when I see able-bodied people wasting their life away by becoming inactive, overweight, and lazy.  Sometimes I feel like they should give their bodies up to someone with physical limitations who would give anything to walk, run, jump or climb, since … [Read more...]

Inspirational Life-Changing Video

By now this video and story I am about to share has been told many times, but I am sure there are many who haven't heard about it, and even if you have, it is great to see again! [youtube B9MYoQnfVQU] If you don't know the Team Hoyt story I will give you the abbreviated version, for the whole story visit Rick was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was … [Read more...]