How Sharon, Busy Mom of Two Lost over 60 lbs Part 2

If you missed part 1 of Sharon's story CLICK HERE... . I asked Sharon to write a second part getting into more details about what her day looks like now and how her life has been changed.  At the end I throw in a couple of suggestions to improve the eating even more. . Here is Sharon! . "Ok, so what is different now for me you ask?  It all started when I was pregnant.  I was high risk so my … [Read more...]

3 Fat Burning Home Exercises

Last week I was on NBC with the star of the first Fit Moms For Life DVD, Jody.  Now for those of you who have claimed your free CD and DVD and watched Jody in action, you will notice a big difference in her from the video to her appearance on NBC.  We filmed the DVD about 5 months ago, and since then Jody has lost another 10 lbs and another 1-2 sizes! This segment Jody shows a few simple … [Read more...]