How To Lose Those Last 10 lbs

I would like to share with you a story about a bootcamper who came, not in bad shape.  She was pretty healthy, weight was within normal healthy range and she wasn't experiencing many negative things with her body.  But like many that come to Fit Fun Bootcamp or do the Fit Moms For Life DVD, they are looking for more.  They aren't just content with being in decent shape.  They want to see what they … [Read more...]

How Patrice Lost 15 lbs in 5 Weeks

I am a little slow to share this story with you, but here is a great transformation from a woman, who didn't let her physical limitations stop her from changing her life.  I have never met Patrice, but hopefully  will one day!  Patrice, I would love to have you comment at the bottom of the post to let everyone know where you are at today. To have results this quick takes almost 100% discipline and … [Read more...]