Your #1 Goal is Achieved, Now What?

This post is from Angie, one of Dustin’s blog contributors. I started taking Dustin’s bootcamp classes and paying attention to what I ate 20 months ago. When I first started I had a few simple goals. In my mind I framed these goals as needs.  Goal  #1 was “I need to weigh what I did when I was my most fit”. Later I added “I need to be able to do a push-up on my toes” and “I need to do the hill … [Read more...]

The Power of Five

Post from Carrie, contributor to When you think of the number five it doesn't typically conjure up visions of power, drive, goals, etc. But if you start to think what the number five can mean in terms of your fitness journey, it is a huge number . I have been working out and changing my lifestyle with Dustin's bootcamps for a little over 4 months now. I've lost inches from … [Read more...]