5 Tips To Achieve Those New Years Resolution

This time of the year brings crowded gyms and optimism towards this being THE year that a person gets in shape.  Sadly most of these resolutions will be out of thought within 1-2 months.  How can we ensure that we achieve the desired outcomes?  Here are some of my suggestions. 1.  Set goals that are measurable, specific, realistic, and have a time deadline.  Writing goals out give you a 10 … [Read more...]

Got Core DVDs Now Available!

Buy the First "Got Core" DVD and get the Second DVD FREE! Limited Quantity Available.   DVD #1 -Interview with the star of the workout Abby Brockman -Warm-up -Level 1 Building a foundation -Level 2 Getting past the basics -Level 3 Incorporating more muscle groups Level 4 Getting more of the upperbody involved Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes DVD #2 -Warmup -Level 5 Can you make it … [Read more...]