I believe consistency is the key to changing your body and living healthy. As a trainer, I have seen many people make a stab at getting to the gym and changing their lives, but within a few weeks to month, are back to their old ways. Every year I see the influx of the January crowd diminish and it is back to pre New Years resolution numbers. I see the former athletes who were once in great shape … [Read more...]

Consistency – not perfection is the key to success!

    Posted by Donna R, one of Dustin's blog contributors   One of the biggest lessons that I have learned in my fit for life journey is that it is more important to be consistent with healthy habits than always being perfect. Before I started doing Dustin's Fit Mom's for Life dvds  I was always trying to be perfect with my exercise and eating, then when I had a bad day I would just give up. … [Read more...]