Check out this story about Betsy… can you relate?

I recently spent over 9 hours in two days pouring over and responding to the 337 surveys that had been submitted about personal choices.  I'll be sharing all the all the results from the survey soon. Betsy is a 36 year old, married, mother of two (3, 5), who lives in a relatively small town in Wisconsin. She works part-time to help pay the bills, but is first and foremost a mom to her two young … [Read more...]

The #1 Best Way To Stay Accountable To Your Weight Loss/Fitness Goals

I have thought long and hard about this question and after 10 years of research, and real-life observation I have come up with my answer... The best way to stay accountable to is to help facilitate a group of people who are also looking to improve their health.  Other strategies might include a reward based system. For example, if you workout 4X per week, and don't go to a fast food joint for … [Read more...]

I Hope This Isn’t You…

You might have heard me talk about going to Toronto. That is where my coach Dan Sullivan lives. He is helping me and about 30 others in my group become better people and help inspire and transform more lives. I have written many times that I believe we should all have coaches in our lives, and that investing in the right coaches and knowledge gives us an "unfair advantage" in our lives. That is … [Read more...]

Don’t Try Any of My Fitness Programs Until You Read This… We Might Not Be Right For You

Don't Try Any of My Fitness Programs Until You Read This... We Might Not Be Right For You I am going to write this from the perspective of Madison, WI, but you could be reading this from most places in 1st world countries and it will apply to you as well. It is quite the paradox we are living in... we are sicker and unhealthier then ever before, yet have more amazing options to gyms, weight … [Read more...]