Butt Toning and Ab Toning Exercises on the Ball

I love to use the ball in my workouts.  Using the ball increases the instability and allows for greater range of motion and support for your back.  If you aren't one of the near 1000 people to already be working out to my Got Core DVDs, I highly recommend the $30 investment.  There are 8 15 minute workouts with over 50 exercises using the ball. In this video I am in Vegas with my friend Davey who … [Read more...]

More Favorite Butt, Thigh, Arm, and Back Toning Exercises

This past week I have been sharing with you some of the most effective exercises to target specific areas. Click here to learn what body part training is and the benefits of it. Click here to see a couple longer FREE videos on body part routines. Today, I would like to show you a few more video clips of some of my favorite exercises. Just a reminder that my newest DVD program Buns, Guns, … [Read more...]

My Favorite Butt, Thigh, and Leg Toning Exercises

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite lower body toning exercises.  I think legs are the best muscle groups to work because they have the biggest muscles in the body and therefore burn the most fat calories when worked.  Click here to check out a previous post on butt and thigh exercises. If you want another butt and thigh toning video here is one more I recently did!  I just found … [Read more...]

Burn Fat By Jumping Part 2

Last week I showed you a video of Rita doing box jumps on the NBC morning show.  This week I wanted to show another variation of that exercise that you can do.  This one involves a little more upper-body.  The drawback is that you won't be able to jump quite as high since you will be holding additional weights. We do this one in Fit Fun Bootcamp right now indoors and once we go outside to parks, … [Read more...]

Killer Inner Thigh and Glute Exercise

What woman doesn't want a great butt and inner/outer thighs?  Today, John and I wanted to share a great exercise that targets those areas, but also requires a lot of fine motor stability.  Using an unstable surface, such as a bosu, will require the small stabilizers in the feet, calves, anterior tibialis (shin bone), quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, and core, to engage in order for you to not fall … [Read more...]