Playing the Mind Game

Post submitted by Carrie, a contributor to The mind truly does play tricks on you. As I've been working the past year to lose weight and be fit and strong I've been learning to pay attention to how I think and how I talk to myself.   Dustin talks and writes often about how positive thinking is essential to your success. One of our former trainers talked at every bootcamp … [Read more...]

Are You Causing Your Kids Or Friends To Become Anorexic?

Today's topic might hit a nerve with many people.  I want to first say, that I am not an eating disorder specialist in anyway, and I am not giving specific guidance.  I am just sharing my experience with you. I received an article from one of my readers and Fit Fun Bootcampers, that really hit me hard. Click here to read this article and watch video Eating disorders can be devastating, and … [Read more...]