Healthy Quick Lunch or Dinner

I made you a quick video that shows one of my favorite meals, something that I crave almost everyday!  This is a great example of a complete meal.  Remember when you are putting together a meal, especially in the morning and early afternoon, it is important to include some good fats, complex carbs, and lean proteins.  This meal would be fine for dinner, assuming you just worked out, or are going … [Read more...]

Guacamole Recipe

This week's food item is focusing on avacadoes.  Avacadoes have a high amount of healthy fats.  They are calorie dense so portion size is important when eating avacadoes.  Today, my mom has given you a great guacamole recipe.  I love guacamole, but I usually get in trouble with it, because I eat so many chips with it... yes chips are my biggest food weakness!  Avacadoes are great to put on … [Read more...]