MamaTone and Fit Fun Bootcamps Was Kris’s Weight Loss Solution

Today, I am excited to share with you Kris' story.  Kris came to me quite overweight and frustrated with decades worth of weight battles.  It certainly wasn't for lack of effort, Kris had tried exercise in the past and had many attempts at dieting. In this last year, her troubles in the past turned to triumph and her body began to change... Warning personal story about to begin: I don't have the … [Read more...]

Amazing Body Transformation: How One Woman Lost 52 lbs Despite Medical Problems

It was about 5 months ago that a friend of mine told me about a woman who was interested in in-home training. Since I really didn't do in-home training anymore because of such a busy schedule, I wanted to get her to try MamaTone or Fit Fun Bootcamps. After speaking with her and hearing about the horror she has gone through the past few years and the severe limitations she had, I knew it was either … [Read more...]