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Got Core?:  This popular class can take anyone’s core to the next level! Learn nearly 30 exercises primarily done on the stability ball.  All exercises focus on the core, but all muscles will be utilized.  Dustin’s ability to show modifications and progressions allows all levels of ability to be challenged.  His core class will reduce or eliminate most chronic back pain.  So why live your life in pain when you can find relief by simply strengthening your midsection?  Join the thousands who have already benefited from this class. 

Membership not necessary to attend.

5 week session (10 classes) $50.
Supreme Health and Fitness Club members 5 week session is $25.

Video: Dustin takes FIRST PLACE in the 2007 Midwest Fitness Modeling Championship! >>>



Class time

Tues/Thurs from 5:30-6:00 pm

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