Naked and Silent

Fit Moms For Life team spent 4 days in NYC gathering with about 100 other mission driven non-profits and organizations. This conference was led by a brilliant thought leader named Jonathan Fields. Jonathan recently did a blog post that really hit me hard. Even though he wrote it for a largely artistic and entrepreneurial audience, I think it will also be a powerful read for those of you looking to … [Read more...]

How Healthy of a Lifestyle Are You Living? Take This Test

There is a test I like to give people to help them discover just how healthy of a lifestyle they are really living. I call it the vacation test. The type of vacations you enjoy taking are often telling of the type of person you are. Do you plan and search out fun, physical activities to do, or do you prefer to sit and relax waiting only to enjoy your next meal and drink? On our private FB page … [Read more...]

Try This One Trick To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight and Keep It Off!

Losing weight... There aren't many other topics of discussion that come up more in our society than weight loss. For some, the motivation to lose weight comes from a desire to look better, feel more attractive to their significant other and to wear clothes that fit better. Others want to lose weight so they can more fully enjoy their old age and add quality years to their life. Many moms want … [Read more...]

A Benefit Most Don’t Talk About From Exercise

I recently attended an internet marketing conference (for the 4th straight year), to help me improve my communication skills. I am determined to use the internet in the best way possible to help bring hope and health to moms who are looking for a way out of constantly putting others' needs ahead of their own and bring more balance to the many demands of motherhood. I was super inspired to attend … [Read more...]

Let Me Be Vulnerable and Share With You A Secret…

Being a fitness professional is hard... It is hard to live up to the standards and "perfect" lifestyle that our clients believe we have. Believe it or not, most fitness professionals struggle with body image, weight maintenance, motivation, etc., just like you. I really struggled with this earlier on in my career. I would make sure none of my clients were around at the grocery store if I bought … [Read more...]

Dear New Girl at the Gym…

"Why wouldn't someone feel comfortable coming to the Transformation Centers or invest in my DVDs?" One of my clients shared an article from a woman named Erica Millard. It is beautifully written and I think conveys what makes our Transformation Center and the community that we have created so unique. We don't judge, we encourage and accept. Same goes with our leaders that lead our community … [Read more...]

Inspiring Story of Young Mom… Join Today

In late 2013, I was able to meet and get to know one of the most inspirational moms I have come across the past year. Her name is Dani and she joined our Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge with her mom at the Transformation Center in Madison. The program consists of home DVD workouts, recipes and menu plans, weekly reflection in our journal, small group accountability and then large group … [Read more...]

Are You Proud of 2013?

There are only 2 days left in 2013, which gives us a great opportunity to look back on the past year and give the year a rating. Chances are there were areas that were awesome, while others really sucked. Only you know how the past year has been for you. Just like myself, I challenge you to take a "life inventory" of 2013 in the following areas of your life (no particular … [Read more...]