5 Ways To Stay Energized And Burn Fat At Work!

No matter how awesome your job is, there are probably times during the day that you start to feel groggy, tired, and lose focus. I have gone into dozens of companies the past few years and worked with their wellness teams to devise strategies to reduce the amount of times their employees get tired and lose focus during the work day. Here is a short list of 5 things you can do at work to gain … [Read more...]

What Over 350 People Said Regarding Why They Do Or Don’t Exercise

I came upon the stat that stated "90% or more of the population believe exercise is beneficial and they should do more of it, yet less then 20% meet the minimum exercise requirements."  This stat haunted, confused, frustrated, and inspired me.  I did what I knew best and ask the smartest people I know... My 100,000's of subscribers, clients, and followers of FM4L and my various other … [Read more...]