10-Minute Pumpkin Spice Latte

Erica Jones is a health food enthusiast, natural beauty guru and contributor to Fit Moms for Life.  The fall season brings on the craze for pumpkin everything and so many people look forward to the Starbucks Fall Inspired Beverages. I used to work in Starbucks in college, so I know all too well how highly anticipated the new fall menus are! Problem with the Starbucks coffees are that they … [Read more...]

Baked Rosemary and Bacon Chicken Recipe

Erica Jones is a health food enthusiast, natural beauty guru and contributor to Fit Moms for Life. I love a quick and delicious recipe when I can find one and this one I originally found on PaleoPlan.com. I LOVE garlic, so whenever I get the chance I prefer to use it fresh instead of dried, which is the one change that I made to this recipe. Everything else is perfect as is! Hope you enjoy … [Read more...]

10 Things To Make Meal Planning Easier

We are into the second day of our 21 day challenge. A small percentage of the people participating were able to come to the Transformation Center Sunday night for our kickoff. Click here if you still want to get in on the challenge. It isn’t too late! This challenge forces you to cook more at home and read the food labels at the grocery store and in your pantry or refrigerator. Many don’t … [Read more...]

Healthy Gluten Free Coconut Key Lime Pie Recipe

St. Patrick's day has passed but lets keep it going with a little more "green." Living a healthy life is all about moderation. I don't believe living a healthy lifestyle requires a life without dessert, but when desserts can be made into a healthier treat, all the better! My friend and nutritionist, Tracie Fountain, has a healthier dessert recipe to share with you today. Click here ->-> … [Read more...]

Tasty Recipe To Share (Gluten Free)

I visited my childhood home in Elk River, MN. Nothing like some home cooked food and family time.  I asked our new resident chef at the Fit Moms Transformation Center to serve us up a healthy gluten free option for Thanksgiving.  Hallie is her name and you can learn more about her and her massive credentials and resume by clicking here. Baby Greens with Cranberry Orange Dressing & Pumpkin … [Read more...]

Post Thanksgiving Recipe

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving for those of you celebrating it.  As promised, I would like to share another healthy recipe from Hallie our recipe maker extraordinaire and the creator of the Santa Slimdown eating plan which starts Dec 1st. Roasted Squash, Apple & Onion Hash While this dish makes a nutritious and colorful side dish to any holiday meal, it's also a great breakfast or … [Read more...]

5 Recipes That You and Your Family will Love

This was week one of having my meals prepared and cooked for me.  Each of the recipes that you see below were awesome.  I especially loved the meat loaf, it was AMAZING.  The turkey roll-ups were something that I have never had before and were tasty little treats.  I am looking forward to expanding the amount and types of vegetables that I am eating on a regular basis.  I must say both of these … [Read more...]