Working Out With Kids

As a parent, it is vital that you are living the healthy lifestyle that you want for your child.  Saying one thing and doing another won't work very well in the long run.  I encourage parents to get their own workouts in (away from the kids) but also get some workouts in while their kids are around, and at times climbing all over you.  Sure it won't be quite as good of a workout, but it will get … [Read more...]

My Goals And Predictions For 2010!

As I ponder and look back on 2009, I am very grateful for all the opportunities as well as challenges that I experienced.  One year ago I never would have thought that the blog I had just started is now getting 1,000-2,000 visitors each day, and that I would have close to 2000 current clients through Fit Moms For Life, Got Core, Fit Fun Bootcamps, and Mamatone. I would sum up this year as … [Read more...]

Are You Causing Your Kids Or Friends To Become Anorexic?

Today's topic might hit a nerve with many people.  I want to first say, that I am not an eating disorder specialist in anyway, and I am not giving specific guidance.  I am just sharing my experience with you. I received an article from one of my readers and Fit Fun Bootcampers, that really hit me hard. Click here to read this article and watch video Eating disorders can be devastating, and … [Read more...]