You won’t have a dry eye after you open this

Early this morning, after climbing my 108 floors of stairs, I received an email from a friend asking me if I had heard of an athlete named Amanda Sullivan. I had not, but I quickly investigated. After only a few minutes of reading and watching some video on her, I had tears streaming down my face. In a moment I will share a couple links to articles and videos of her story. I talk so much … [Read more...]

Tax Payer Dollars Going To Subsidize Bad Food

There are lots of things wrong with the government and this blog isn't the place where I want to really talk about them.  What I do want to talk about though is how our hard earned tax dollars are going to subsidize certain crops that then get turned into nearly all the junk food we have today.  This video doesn't talk about things that I wasn't aware of, but the stats and the way they present the … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts

Posted by Roger, a contributor to this blog. Got up nice and early this morning to attend Memorial Day Boot Camp. It was kind of a humid morning but there was a little breeze so all was good. Afterwards I had a chance to reflect a bit since no work today. Nothing particularly profound but thought I 'd share them with you anyways! … [Read more...]

Science Corner: As the Stomach Growls

Hey, Sue G here, one of Dustins Blog contributors. Time to wind up the hormone primer. I had mentioned that I was going to tell you about some newer hormones - so here we go! Perhaps you have heard a little about Leptin and Ghrelin already. Two more hormone type players in the chain of metabolism - food - mood, that exist along with players we already know: insulin and glucagon. Leptin Versus … [Read more...]

Worthless Fitness Gadgets/Infomercial Product

One of the things that gets me the most mad are all the infomercials out there that come up with the most worthless inventions to take advantage of desperate people looking for a quick fix.  Click here to check out a previous post I wrote about this subject.  Check this video out from the Ellen show.  At least she is making fun of it and not endorsing it!  By the way, I still haven't heard back … [Read more...]

Interview With Biggest Loser Contestants Kristin and Cathy!

This past weekend I was able to get an exclusive interview with season seven's Biggest Loser mother/daughter team Kristin and Cathy!  They were both so amazing and definitely have a passion for helping people begin "living their lives" instead of just existing. Here are some of the biggest take aways I got from this interview: 1.  Weigh your food using a food scale, you need to measure it to … [Read more...]

Personal Trainer and Fitness Model Gains 90 lbs

Thank you Brian Petty for emailing me this very fascinating video. This video really struck me in so many ways! Watch the video now! It will blow you away! One of the most frustrating things clients and others I meet tell me is that I have it easy because I have good genes and I am a trainer. As to say: you were born with a six … [Read more...]

Madison Mini Marathon

I have been asked by a few organizers and sponsors of the Madison Mini-Marathon to help promote this event. This is a brand new event this year and it features a half marathon (13.1 miles), and a 5K race.  The race is August 29th at 7 AM.  They are limiting the races to 2500, so you need to register soon if you are interested. I hesitated to promote this, because as you know by now, I am very … [Read more...]

Are You Causing Your Kids Or Friends To Become Anorexic?

Today's topic might hit a nerve with many people.  I want to first say, that I am not an eating disorder specialist in anyway, and I am not giving specific guidance.  I am just sharing my experience with you. I received an article from one of my readers and Fit Fun Bootcampers, that really hit me hard. Click here to read this article and watch video Eating disorders can be devastating, and … [Read more...]

Patrick Ivison An Inspiration To Us All!

For those of you who know me, you know I love inspirational stories of people who don't let their physical limitations get them down.  I get so upset when I see able-bodied people wasting their life away by becoming inactive, overweight, and lazy.  Sometimes I feel like they should give their bodies up to someone with physical limitations who would give anything to walk, run, jump or climb, since … [Read more...]