21 Core Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Today I wanted to give you a sneak peak into one of my Got Core programs.  This is a group I have been working with for over 2 years, so many of the exercises you are going to see are very advanced, but the only thing that is different from those in the video and yourself, is experience and proper training. The Got Core DVDs will be coming out Dec 14th at 7 AM CST and there will only be a limited … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Workouts For Moms

The reason I do what I do, is to give moms back their self confidence (if they lost it), reshape their bodies, and increase their energy, to help them make it through the daily grind of life and kids.  The amount of responsibility that moms have on a daily basis can seem overwhelming, and combine that with a poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep, you can see why so many moms are … [Read more...]

Inside Look at MamaTone and Small Group Training

A couple days ago I showed you the video of Abby and I on CBS news demonstrating our new fat burning tool, the resistance bands.  Today I would like to take that a step further and show you inside a workout that the resistance band expert, Dave Schmitz took my MamaTone and small group personal training clients through.  Not only was it very intense, but also something fun and different! These … [Read more...]

Abby’s Fitness Modeling Experience

A couple weeks ago, I got the privilege of watching my girlfriend compete in her first fitness modeling competition!  It is amazing the transformation she has made the past two years.  I first met her a little over 2 years ago at Supreme Health and Fitness, the gym that I work at.  She joined my Got Core class.  When I first met Abby, she wasn't in very good shape, was holding more weight in her … [Read more...]

Madison Weight Loss Fitness Program

This past weekend Fit Fun Bootcamps kicked off the indoor season in a big way with 97 adults and 25 kids participating in the workout.  It was great to see so many people and families coming together to invest in themselves, get a great workout in, and have lots of FUN in the process! I wanted to thank 8 of my trainers for being there to help out with it!  Thank you: Ryan, Marsue, Deb, Abby, … [Read more...]

Golf Conditioning: How To Hit The Golf Ball Further With Charlie Shortino of NBC

Today I had a fun time with Charlie Shortino on the NBC morning show.  Sarah Carlson was off on vacation this week.  I wanted to hit on a little more manly topic and decided to talk about golf... Ladies I know many of you also play golf! I am amazed at how many golfers buy super expensive clubs to give them an extra 5 yards, when all they really need is to improve their flexibility, increase … [Read more...]

Killer Core Exercises For A Toned Stomach For Summer

With summer approaching, the desire by most to lose weight increases.  The damage from the long winter months is assessed and a plan is created to feel great this summer!  Madison Fit Fun Bootcamps is one great way to do this!  Working out outside with the support of those around you can ensure that you are going to look and feel your best this summer. Yesterday I did my fitness radio show on … [Read more...]

Total Body Fat Burning Exercise: Burpee W/Med Ball Chest Press

The exercise of the week is one that I had never tried before I met John.  After doing it, I really enjoyed it and will do it more often in my own workouts.  This type of exercise is a perfect example of what exercise experts call "functional training."  Functional training means training the body for real life movement.  Machines don't do that, which is why I really only use functional training … [Read more...]

Fat Burning Total Body Exercise

I have been receiving many emails and comments saying that you are really enjoying these videos John and I have done.  Most people say they love watching me suffer.  :) Here is a brutal exercise that is tough, but also very rewarding.  Kids love to do this exercise as well. I hope these videos show that there are so many different ways to get in shape as long as you are creative. Creativity and … [Read more...]