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Dustin’s fitness career started out at an early age with a mother who taught him the basics of healthy eating and nutrition and a dad who got him involved with sports early on.  He grew up playing basketball, tennis, baseball, football, and table tennis.  Going into his senior year of high school, Dustin was given the devastating news of a rare chronic condition of the knee.  Unable to compete, he turned more of his focus to weight training, and turned his lanky 6’4 160 lb. frame into a muscular 200 lbs.

Dustin attended the University of Wisconsin Madison, where he was involved in many different activities, some of which included: Campus Crusade for Christ, table tennis interest group leader, intramural sports, and Recreational Sports.  It was the time spent working for Rec Sports that molded him into the trainer he is today.  With Rec Sports, Dustin worked his way up from cleaning the fitness equipment, to teaching boot camp style classes, to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and training many faculty and students at the UW.  He also attended and presented at local fitness conferences.  Dustin’s highest achievement with Rec Sports was his creation of Core Crunch.  He saw a need for a core class at the UW and presented the idea to his managers.  Upon approval, he created the curriculum and trained other instructors to teach the class.  Three years later, it is still one of the most popular classes with about 400 weekly participants! 

In Dec of 2006, Dustin graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science and a certificate in Business.  Soon after, he was soon asked to present at a national fitness conference in Ohio on core training.  Dustin has been a personal trainer at Supreme Health and Fitness since May of 2005 and in a short time has become their number one trainer based on the number of clients.

Dustin’s passion for helping others meet their goals, and his positive and motivating personality make him a highly sought after personal trainer.  He spends countless hours studying up on the latest research in fitness and nutrition to give his clients the most up to date scientific information.  He believes that the human body is the most amazing and capable machine on the planet; all you have to do is learn how to take care of it to create a machine that is capable of doing far more than you ever expected!
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