Dustin Maher

Inspired by his own stay-at-home mom, who cared for everyone else without making enough time for herself, A.C.E. certified personal trainer Dustin Maher has devoted his life to helping moms get in the best shape of their lives. Although he’s trained bodybuilders, athletes, and models, Dustin’s favorite clients are moms, partly because they often need him—and the “me time” of a workout—the most, and partly because he believes that good health for the entire family begins with a fit mom.

“When I inspire a mom to exercise smarter and change the foods that she buys for her family, her kids want to do what she is doing,” says Dustin. “So not only do I get to help the mother, but also the next generation–and, once in a while, the husband as well.”

Often called the “trainer to America’s moms,” Dustin is the founder of the Fit Moms for Life (FM4L) movement, owns and operates 10 fitness locations, has created 30 home workout DVDs, and has appeared on network television over 100 times. He is also the author of Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids and the producer of the documentary Fit Moms for Life: the Million Mom Movement.
Since Dustin can only train a finite number of moms personally, he is helping fellow trainers build their business and attract an endless supply of clients with his Fit Moms for Life certification and licensing programs, which give other trainers the very model that he used to create his thriving enterprise.

In addition to that, he’s pursuing his vision of creating a Million Mom Movement of mothers empowering mothers, with a goal to start 14,000 FM4L community groups that will help like-minded moms connect with, motivate, and support each other in living a healthy life. Why 14,000? It’s the same as the number of McDonald’s restaurants that are currently in America, and Dustin feels that getting healthy should be as accessible to America’s moms as fast food is in our society.

“Moms do so much for everyone else; they deserve to feel—and look—their best,” says Dustin. Think of FM4L as his way of saying, “Thanks, moms!”

Dustin is a big goal setter and loves the idea of a “bucket list.”  “I’m sharing mine in hopes of inspiring you to create your own list–which, who knows, may include getting in the best shape of your life,” says Dustin.  “Click on the link to read mine and then start your own and keep editing it; I constantly add to this list!”