This is a Big Reason Why You Aren’t Losing Much Weight, Have Cravings and Lack Energy (not talked about a lot)

I will occasionally have a client that I am working with who is making the right nutritional changes and exercising, but is always tired, irritable and not losing weight like she should be.

But she is under an incredible amount of stress.  It might be a job she hates, a bad relationship, caring for ailing parents or anything else that has caused high levels of chronic stress in her life.

Not dealing with this stress in healthy ways can cause some very serious problems including lack of weight loss.

That is why I am excited to have Tracie Fountain back again this month for another presentation called STRESS-LESS which will be held at the Transformation Center on Tuesday, Oct 27th at 7 pm.

Tracie is one of our most popular presenters so spaces are limited if you want to attend in person at the Transformation Center.

->-> Click here to register for the in-person FREE event. <-<-

Last month Tracie came and shared, to a packed crowd of well over 100 of our clients, how you should eat to reduce joint pain, improve body fat loss and have more energy.

This information isn’t general knowledge and isn’t what is being talked about in the media or in most doctor’s offices yet.

We recorded this event for you and I can’t encourage you enough to invest an hour in your education and watch it. Tracie provides an incredible amount of actionable steps to improving your nutrition. Watch this as soon as you can, you will never look at food the same way.

The video and audio isn’t quite professional but it is good enough to get this important content.

Click to watch on YouTube ->->

Nutrition and stress are two of the biggest factors in the quality of our lives, unfortunately there is so much misinformation out there.  Once you can manage these areas, your quality of life will dramatically improve.

Keep moving,

Dustin Maher

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