What motivates you? (special offer inside)

Dustin, I have lost the motivation.

I don’t have the drive I used to have.

I feel so tired and worn out all the time.

I want to be a healthier example for my kids.

I don’t want to die early like my parents.

I want to have a body that can keep up with me for an active retirement.

I want to be able to really play with my grandkids.

I don’t recognize myself in the mirror anymore.

I want to feel like I did before I had kids.

This is just a small sampling of what I hear when people come to the Transformation Centers in Madison and to our Fit Moms For Life on-line programs.

Unfortunately, many of the above feelings and circumstances are not compelling enough for most people to take action and change their lives. Often, people need to hit a rock bottom they didn’t think they were capable of before they are motivated to make real changes to their lifestyles. It is during those times of desperation and frustration that change can happen. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

You don’t need to have a crisis hit before you get serious about your health. You just need a little extra incentive! Back by popular demand, we are launching a new 6-week challenge we are calling our Pay to Lose Spring Break Edition.

>>> Click here for all the details and to sign up

For some, earning CASH is a great motivator, so I will pay you based on the amount of weight you lose. At first, I was very hesitant to run this program because I am really not about quick extreme weight loss that is often gained back immediately. I was concerned this challenge would promote that type of hype.

I was wrong…

Last year we ran two 6-week challenges like this one, and the people this challenge brought in were incredible, they just needed a little kick start. For some, the $ was a way to convince their spouse to support this program and for others it provided an extra boost of motivation to stick to the challenge. Not only did most participants lose quite a bit of weight (6-18 lbs), but 75% loved the atmosphere and results so much that they are continuing at our Transformation Center locations for another 6-12 more months.

This pay to lose program helped the challengers develop healthy habits and now they want to make these habits into a lifestyle and build upon the success and relationships and friendships they have made. Pay to Lose Spring Break Edition will start on February 10th, so if you haven’t been a client with us in the past 6 months or longer, you are eligible to join. The fee to join this challenge is only 3 small payments of $50, all of which you can earn back.

If you are a current client at the Transformation Center, you can fully participate too! For just $50 you can join the challenge and have the opportunity to earn $75-$150 back.  Just send a message to dustinmaherfitness@gmail.com. 

>>> Click here to join the Pay to Lose Spring Break Edition now! 

I have some more exciting news when it comes to helping you with motivation… I have partnered with DietBet to do a 28 day challenge with them. Click here to for all the details.

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