Hydrolyzed Collagen Now Back In Stock (with free digital cookbook)

Last week I excitedly launched our Fit Moms for Life hydrolyzed collagen and, exactly 7 minutes after launching, we sold out. That was awful customer service on my part and I apologize. We just had 480 additional units arrive at Amazon, with another 250 coming later next week, so it is back in stock for now. After these units sell, we might have one more shortage as we focus on improving the packaging even more.

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CollogenThose who were quick to order have been reporting loving the (digital) collagen cookbook that comes with it. Our nutritionists Tracie Fountain and Hallie Klecker did an incredible job coming up with over 30 mouth-watering recipes. (You will find instructions on how to download the cookbook on the collagen bottle.) We launched the collagen with a special price of just $39.99, which is less than 50 cents per serving! Since launching last week, Amazon has increased their fees for vendors, and the raw price of collagen is increasing this month. To reflect that, the retail price is now $47.99 (instead of $45.99)–still a great value for 82 servings. However, we want to continue to offer it to you at our special launch price of just $39.99.

To receive $8 off each container please use coupon code: FM4LVIPS

I have set it up so you can order multiple jars and receive the $8 off each one. Please feel free to share this coupon code with any family members, friends or on social media. All I ask is that you leave a review on Amazon once you receive the product and hopefully love it.

When my mom heard I was launching a FM4L brand of hydrolyzed collagen she wanted me to make sure she shared her own experience with you. Haha

Here is my mom:

When Dustin shared Tracie’s blog regarding collagen for joint health and as a good source of protein, I started using it a few years ago.

Last year, I was experiencing some knee pain and along with wearing some arch supports, eventually the pain disappeared; I no longer have any joint pain at all…..I use 2 scoops of the collagen daily, about 5 Tbsp., partly to get more good protein in. I just dump it in my magic bullet with my homemade coconut milk kefir, some ground flaxseed, a little stevia…..frozen berries would be good too, but I enjoy eating them separate.

So, like everything, without doing a controlled experiment, one never knows for sure what it is that helps! I have read enough about this product, and happy to know the cattle used are pasture raised……well, to me it is a smart thing to add to the diet.”

Joy Maher (aka Dustin’s mom)

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When you order the collagen on Amazon you will probably see the other product we are going to officially launch in a couple weeks, which is a foam roller. I have been holding foam roller workshops this past week in Madison and the feedback has been amazing. With the foam roller you get access to our Foam Roller Academy full of how-to videos for foam rolling. >-> Click here to learn more and order the foam roller <-<-

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