THIS Trumps Willpower (and how you can harness it to reach your goals!)

In a recent blog post I shared with you the ONE THING you can do to reach your health and fitness goals – just show up.

If I could give you the second ONE THING it would be this…

Focus on eliminating unhealthy temptations in your life.

Many people believe that fat people are lazy. I hear this quite often, and to be honest, starting out as an ignorant fitness professional a decade ago, I had some of those same feelings. I have come to realize though, being overweight has little to do with being lazy and much more to do with the environment you choose to create for yourself.

If you are struggling with your weight or your health and struggling to be consistent, it is NOT because you are broken, messed up, or have weak will-power. It is more likely because, over the years and decades, you have created a life that is full of temptations.

One of Alcholics Anonymous (AA’s) biggest messages is that if you struggle with alcohol – you don’t go into situations where there is a lot of alcohol. Similarly, if you struggle with eating nutrient void processed foods, don’t make it easy to get these foods. In our modern society, it’s almost impossible to completely avoid processed junk food, but making some small changes can have a massive difference.

Here are just 3 suggestions to help you avoid processed junk:

1. Do not purchase or bring any food into your house that you would consider unhealthy

2. If you have a sedentary desk job, do what you can to raise your computer so you can stand for at least part of your day.

3. If you are prone to skipping workouts, have a friend come and pick you up or arrange to text each other to keep you accountable.

Willpower is like a muscle, no matter how strong it is, fatigue will eventually settle in when overused. When you begin to make the above small changes in your life, your willpower will be tested less and you will be able to stay stronger when faced with other various temptations in your day.

Assignment: Make a list of 3 situations in you life you can tweak to reduce the amount of daily temptations around you. Implement these changes today to help you reach your goals!

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