Dying a slow death

The other day I shared with you some experiences from my time in Chicago with the Fit Moms For Life team learning about health and fitness from some of the top experts in the world. A couple of the presenters shared their belief that one-on-one personal training is dying a slow death. This is something I agree with and have seen happening for over 5 years now and in fact, as I trainer myself, I no longer offer one on one training sessions.

CommunityThere are a couple main reasons for this decline in one-one-one training…Cost is a big part of it. To see a high level trainer 4 times per week will cost you close to $800/month. While some can easily afford this, many cannot. Money isn’t the biggest reason for personal training’s slow death though – it really comes down to results and FUN.

Most of us, (even if we are introverts) would rather workout with a least one other person next to us, than all alone. Being alone with a trainer staring at you the entire time can be intimidating for many and just isn’t as fun as working out with 2-5 others sweating and laughing right along-side of you. My trainers and I can train half a dozen clients even BETTER than just one client at time, because each client feeds off the energy and the success of their peers. It is that simple. Plus the financial investment is 50%-60% less in a group training session versus one-on-one.

If you live within Dane County and want to explore the possibility of having your own private small training group, let me know. Fill out one of the below surveys and I will follow up with you as soon as possible. We’ll arrange to meet in person for a 20 minute success session to get to know you, find out exactly what you want to achieve and provide you with a plan to get you there!

We also have small groups specifically for those 50 and older.

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Maybe you have no desire to have a trainer work directly with you or join any sort of fitness program, but PLEASE give yourself the gift of going out and finding a couple people that you will be committed to. Help each other workout hard, eat healthy, and live a healthier lifestyle. Your chances of long lasting success will skyrocket.

I hope you enjoy the halloween festivities with your family and friends. Remember, it really is about the fun you have with loved ones, not the food you eat, that make these holidays fun. Do what you can to get rid of whatever candy comes into your home as soon as possible – and NOT by eating it all! Give it away, hide it, trash it, whatever you need to do to rid your home of the sugary junk. With all the candy gone, you can better focus on all the other healthy treats autumn has to offer!

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