12 ways to lose up to 15lbs in 6 weeks!

This coming Sunday I will be holding a workshop in McFarland for a couple dozen new clients who are part of our beta “Pay to Lose” 6 Week Challenge – a challenge that offers each client payment based on how much weight they lose.

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As I prepared for this Sunday’s workshop, I came up with 12 areas that I want these new clients to focus on over the next 6 weeks to lose as much weight as possible – in the healthiest way possible. Instead of keeping all this valuable information to Pay to Lose clients only, I’ve decided to share these weight loss tips with all my clients, so here you go….!

1. Drink up to a gallon of water every day, to flush out toxins. Start each day with 2-3 glasses of room temperature water with a fresh lemon or lime and a pinch of sea salt. This will help alkalize your body.

2. Drink as few calories as possible.

3. Eliminate dairy for 10 days. Not to say dairy is bad at all, but 40% of you reading this likely have some dairy sensitivities. This can result in bloating and weight loss resistance.

4. Eliminate gluten for up to 21 days. For most people, gluten is just fine, but about 15% of you have issues with it. Eliminating gluten will result in eating fewer carbs which is helpful for weight loss.

5. Don’t eat after 7 pm. Eating later at night isn’t that much different than any other time of the day, BUT what most people eat at night is not going to get them to their weight loss goals. You may have heard your parents say “nothing good happens after midnight”? The same can be said about what you eat after 7 pm!

6. Eat low glycemic fruits some of which include: plums, apples, cherries, grapefuit, all berries and lemons.

7. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night or take a 20 minute nap. Getting enough sleep will lower your cortisol levels.

8. Practice at least 10 minutes of prayer, meditation, deep breathing daily. This practice will reduce stress and lower cortisol levels- allowing your body to release fat easier.

9. Exercise 6 days per week for at least 30 minutes working up to a sweat during each workout.

10. Two workouts each week should raise your heart rate to at least 90% of your max heart rate. A simple way to estimate your max HR is to subtract your age from 220, so 220-age. I am 31 so my estimated HR max is 189, but the other day I was at 193 during my stairs workout and I think it could have gotten higher, so this isn’t an exact formula for max heart rate-just an estimate.

11. Do not eat any food that contains the word “enriched” on the label. Enriched products have been too processed and will not provide you with any true nutrients.

12. Do not consume anything made with fake sugars. The two biggest fake sugar offenders are sucralose and aspartame.

There you have it. No supplements, no fancy equipment, and no expensive food. This is the best way I know how to enable your body to release the unwanted fat.

If you don’t live close to our headquarters in Madison, I have created a simple to follow 6 week plan that follows most of the above rules. It is called the FM4L 6 Week Challenge and we have had people lose up to 28 lbs in the first 6 weeks. Average weight loss tends to be around 10-12 lbs. We have just launched a digital only version of this FM4L 6 week challenge.

->-> Click here to learn more about this FM4L challenge and to sign up <-<-

Last chance to join the Pay to Lose challenge. If this is successful I might introduce this type of challenge in other programs we offer. Not only will this challenge help you lose weight, but you will have fun, meet some awesome people, and get trained by some of the best trainers in Madison!  ->-> Click here to reserve your spot now <-<-

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