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At first I thought about only sending this out to those of you living in the Madison area, but I decided to send it out to the 10,000s around the world who receive my newsletter and follow Fit Moms For Life. Sometimes, we are all guilty of focusing too much on weight loss, but these testimonial quotes you are about to read will help us be more mindful of the many other benefits that come with living a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss is just a by-product, or a result , of other areas in a person’s life improving.

Killer Kurves is the most comprehensive, effective, in-person weight loss program I know of, and we are starting a new session this coming week. I’m super excited about this new session, but the bad news is, time is running out and we only have a couple spots open in both the AM and PM time slots.

If you are interested in being surrounded by others who are also looking to make life transformations and lose 40-200 lbs, then you will want to sign up right now because time is running out!

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Please read the following quotes from clients who are current Killer Kurves members or are alumni of the program. The program has been so transformational, that over 90% join us for the alumni program after their initial 12 weeks.

“Since I’ve started K2 I’ve been migraine free! I suffered from severe chronic migraines and was on 2 different medications to help with them. The medications had some undesirable side effects too. Well recently I’ve been able to discontinue all medications because I haven’t gotten any migraines! Definitely from exercising and eating healthier.”

“Before K2 I was overwhelmed often with a feeling of anxiety and life just being too much (caused by out of control hormones and way too much cortisol in my system perhaps?) That feeling is gone. I feel good and miss workouts because I feel even better after them — physically and emotionally.”

“I’ve gained confidence in myself and my ability to make healthy choices.”

“I’ve learned to be nicer to myself.”

“I have made some friends that are on the same journey as me who will help me continue.”

“I got my groove back!”

“I have gained strength and confidence in myself that I can do it! “

“I have gained strength that I didn’t even know I missed. And a whole new outlook on my life to go along with it. More confidence, more happiness.”

Our Killer Kurves program includes access to a private Facebook group that has dozens of inspirational posts and comments each day. With their permission, I have a few that I would like to share with you….

Theresa lost a staggering 12 inches off her belly. As you know, belly fat is the most dangerous fat. Assuming she keeps it off, this statistically will extend her life by many years. How much $$ is that worth to you?


 Ivy has lost over 50 lbs with Killer Kurves and had a “strange” experience earlier this month…


Ebony is just finishing up her first 12 week session with Killer Kurve’s and will be joining the “Alumni” program next. She is shedding fat like it is going out of style.


Jennifer is a beautiful single mom on a limited budget. She is doing everything she can to make sure her and her incredible sons have a healthy future together.


Cheryl is a determined woman who took the leap and is reaping the results. Losing weight is just one of the many benefits that come with Killer Kurves.


Great job everyone and thank you for letting me share these quotes and posts. You have undoubtedly inspired many others to make a change!

I am so confident in our Killer Kurves program, I am willing to refund you the entire fee if you come for the first month and aren’t completely happy with the program. The investment in this program is about $6.50 per day. How much is it worth to you to experience the successes the above Killer Kurves clients have achieved?

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If you are on the fence about joining or just need more information and live in the Madison area, I’d like to offer you a last minute invite to our Killer Kurves meet and greet potluck this evening at 6:30pm at the Fit Moms Transformation Center. A great opportunity to meet the amazing trainers, K2 alumni and other new Killer Kurves clients! Just e-mail me if you plan on coming. We hope to see you there! 

I get questions from all over the world asking how people can participate in our programs if they don’t live in the Madison area. I recently created a comprehensive program for at home use that incorporates the best of Killer Kurves and provides a detailed exercise and nutrition blue print to follow. The digital version is only $47.

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