5 Ways To Stay Energized And Burn Fat At Work!

No matter how awesome your job is, there are probably times during the day that you start to feel groggy, tired, and lose focus. I have gone into dozens of companies the past few years and worked with their wellness teams to devise strategies to reduce the amount of times their employees get tired and lose focus during the work day.

Here is a short list of 5 things you can do at work to gain energy and health and lose weight:

1. Set an hourly alarm and do 1 minute of exercise when it beeps. Some examples of exercises: jumping jacks, squats, lunges, stair walking, planks, or dips. This one-minute break will boost your metabolism, tone a little muscle, and make you feel more alert and awake. Don’t worry what your coworkers think… they may soon join you!

2. Keep a large container of water near you and drink it throughout the day. Not only will you be less tempted to drink calorie and caffeine laden drinks, but you will get awesome exercise walking to the bathroom.

3. Eat and move. It is tempting to just eat at your computer and continue to work through your lunch, but whenever possible get outside with others and walk around. The chance of scenery will do you good, too.

4. Pack healthy snacks and keep them in your desk or in a nearby refrigerator. Some great snacks include: string cheese, apples, carrots and hummus, raw nuts, beef jerky, etc. Having healthy snacks that are convenient will decrease the chance you make your way to the vending machine or the treat table, etc.

5. Stand up desks. Many businesses are now offering stand up desk options. If your company doesn’t have that option yet, if possible, try to build your own stand up desk by bringing in a crate or something to elevate your laptop. Standing promotes better posture and will increase your calorie burn compared to sitting all day.

These are just a handful of small ways you can integrate healthy habits into your work day and improve your productivity and energy all day long.

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