This humbled me…

I was recently in Colorado for five days climbing 14,000 plus foot mountains. In fact I did six of them in just over 24 hours! I will share with you a powerful insight I had… Like I mentioned earlier, I have been doing quite a bit of hiking the past few days, and am pretty proud of how fit I feel and what I have been able to accomplish. I have come a long way in just a few years in my fitness levels.

1 This humbled me

I was feeling super pumped as I started to descend my 6th peak, (and maybe a little too high on myself) and I noticed three guys in their fifties nearing the top. They all had skis and boots on their backs and were going to somehow ski down from the top of this very steep mountain shoot. I stopped to chat with them because I was just in awe of what they were doing. They shrugged it off and said they have been doing this for decades. Soon after, as I got lower down the mountain, I came across another two guys in their fifties, or maybe early sixties, and they were carrying helmets and ice axes. I knew that my hike up the mountain didn’t really require that equipment, so I stopped and asked what they were doing. They pointed far ahead into the distance and pointed at a narrow snow filled shoot that went nearly vertical for 2000 feet to the top of the mountain I had just climbed. They were going straight up that. Sure enough, there were about half a dozen small dots (climbers) that were ice picking their way up to the peak – straight up.

During these moments of awe, I came to the realization that while what I had done was great and I was (and still am) very proud, there are people out there who make what I did seem like child’s play. In other words, these people raised my standards of what is possible. Comparing just to compare can made you sad and depressed, but comparing and being surrounded by those who are fitter and make the extraordinary seem ordinary – that is powerful.

If you are the fittest, healthiest, most positive person in your peer group, you need to find a new peer group if you want to continue to grow and elevate. You don’t need to be at the bottom of the group’s level (although this is the fastest way to grow). Being part of a group in which some of your peers are above your level of expertise and some who are below (who you can mentor), that’s ideal .

unnamedAt Fit Moms For Life we strive to bring people of all levels and abilities together because we can all learn from each other and raise and improve each others levels of fitness, health and mindset – together. If you are ready to take your life and body to another level, I invite you to join a Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge.

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I’d suggest doing a quick inventory of your workout/support group. Are you at the top middle or bottom of the group? If you are at the top, go places where you can find those that are higher then you.

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