A Special Message To My Mom and Moms Around the World

I have given a lot of thought on what to write to you on this special day. I really believe you should be celebrated 365 days a year, but I’m taking advantage of Mother’s Day to send a special message.

A TributeFor my mom:

Besides giving me life a little over 30 years ago, Mom, you gave up your peaceful sleep for constant feedings, diaper changes, and constant projectile vomiting (so you have told me). You gave up your traveling around the world lifestyle to create a home base for me and be there as my rock, my foundation. You would tuck me in at night, say a prayer, ask me what I wanted to eat in the morning and be my alarm clock to wake me up to feast at the breakfast table. You would have my lunch box packed so I wouldn’t have to eat the unhealthy food at school and then you drove me to school each day so I didn’t have to be on the bus for 45 minutes. You volunteered at my school, and were waiting there each day to pick me up, with a delicious, healthy snack.

I know life wasn’t always easy for our family, mom, but I don’t remember you worrying about how old and rusted our cars were, or how the ceiling in our mobile home leaked. What I do remember is how you taught me that life is about love, experiences, and quality time spent with people you love. You took care of me for 14 days when I had an intensive surgery 6 years ago, just like you have taken care of me my entire life. You never complained, you never got upset (at least that I can remember), and you never seemed to think about how the grass may be greener on the other side.

Thank you for teaching me healthy eating habits at a young age, encouraging me to play outside and be active, and including me in your grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking routine. Thank you for only letting me eat sweet cereal on Saturdays and limiting TV to 1 hour per day. Thank you for making me work in the garden, even though I hated it. Thank you for making me work at the strawberry farm, even though I was still under the legal working age. I developed a solid work ethic from a young age because of how you lived your life, Mom – always working and serving others.

Thank you for you. I love you, Mom and look forward to spending many more decades together.

Your oldest son,


To the rest of the moms around the world:  I just want to say thanks. Thanks for being there for your kids. Thanks for putting their needs before your wants and desires. Thanks for going through the pain of giving birth so us wimpy guys don’t have to. Thanks for doing your best no matter the circumstance.

To all my clients (whom I consider family): You mean so much to me. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life in some small way. You get me up at 4:45 AM excited for what the day will bring, and you wake me up during the middle of the night with ideas of how I can help you more. You provide the financial stability for my family, along with the close to 20 people I now employ. You inspire me each day by working hard, showing up, overcoming incredible odds, and building the Fit Moms For Life community.

I especially want to thank all of you I have not yet met, but have received emails and FB messages from. I am both humbled and honored to hear that I have played a small role in making your life better. Please continue to send me stories of your success. These stories fuel me to reach for bigger and better heights.

To all mom employees who are moms: Thank you for coming to work each day, filled with such fun and excitement. Your passion for living the FM4L mission and your desire to help other moms around the world get on board this healthy lifestyle is truly amazing for me to witness. So often I hear of people hating their jobs and careers, I am thankful that this doesn’t apply to you. Thank you for financially sacrificing other lucrative careers to help start our Fit Moms For Life movement.

A reminder to all moms: Fit Moms For Life is all about living life to the fullest, serving those around you, and building deep authentic relationships. PLEASE remember though, if you aren’t healthy, energetic, fit, confident, and driven, you won’t be able to serve this world at the level you are capable of. In the process of raising your kids, don’t give up on your own passions, dreams and desires. This is why taking care of yourself is the most UNSELFISH thing you can do. This is the message I have been sharing with you for years, and the message I will keep reminding you of…take care of YOU first, so you can serve your family, your community and the world more fully.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and show you just how incredible life can be when health becomes a priority in your life. Until I find or create this magic wand, the Fit Moms For Life team will continue to work hard to create programs and tools that help you be your best in all areas of your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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