This One Thing To Burn More Fat

I am an alumni of the UW Madison and of course I am a proud Badger basketball fan. Frank Kaminsky is the Badger’s center who became one of the most dominant players in all of college basketball this year. His first two years of college ball, though, Frank wasn’t especially impressive and he didn’t emerge as an elite player. What changed this year? Did his shooting skills improve? Was it an increase in speed and strength? All of these skills probably improved a bit, but there is one factor that was WAY more significant to Kaminsky’s enhanced performance than just physical talent…


Confidence can transform an average player into an incredible player and on the flip side, a skilled and talented player who is struggling with his/her confidence may be Confidence1stuck performing at an average level. Frank Kaminsky now believes that he is the best (or one of the best) on the court at all times and can take his man to the basket or pull back for a three pointer at anytime.

When you have confidence in your life, life just get easier. Fat loss becomes easier, eating healthy becomes easier, and finding a support group becomes easier. I have written in the past about my lack of confidence growing up and how I had to build it up over time. Building confidence is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. I would like to share 3 ways you can gain more confidence when it comes to increasing your health and fitness levels.

But before I do that, I was going through our Killer Kurves private FB page and read these three stories from our K2 program and even though the word “confidence isn’t used much, you can just feel that the words “ooze” confidence.


#1 Create and appreciate little wins.

Did you skip the drive thru today and instead go home and made a quick dinner? Did you only hit the snooze one time today and still get up early for your workout?

These little changes are big wins! Be sure to recognize, celebrate and appreciate these changes. Recognizing these small, positive decisions can go a long way in building your confidence.

#2 Surround yourself with others who already have success in the area of life you are looking to improve or who are fully committed to the journey like you are.

Watching people around you achieve results, increases the chances that you believe those results are possible for you.

#3 Embrace and understand that failure is part of the process.

When you understand and accept that there will be moments when you will fail to make the right choices, you can reduce the time you spend beating yourself up and keep your confidence levels from diving.

Acknowledge those moments of failure, learn from them and use them to push you to the next level of success. Used this way, failure can help you build up your next layer of confidence.

Remember, building up confidence levels begins with small wins. Be sure to surround yourself with others who are making the impossible look possible and understand that the journey to a healthy lifestyle does not often look like a straight line, but more like a zig-zag – full of ups and downs.

The last piece of the confidence puzzle, that I am not going to talk about much about today, is knowledge and education. Having a well researched healthy lifestyle plan and an understanding of why this plan will work for you, can give you the confidence in your ability to reach your desired outcome.

If you feel confused or not as confident as you’d like to be regarding what to eat or how to exercise, I’d love help you increase your confidence in these areas! Please reach out and connect with me and my Transformation Center team.

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