I am Fired Up!

What is important to you? Family, friends, faith? All of those things are to me, but there is one thing that might trump all three of those, because without this, the other three will suffer greatly. That is a healthy body. A body that can take me to the places that I want to go. A body that can take me to the farthest reaching places on earth to experience the beauty of nature. A body that can assist in helping friends. A body that can go to Africa and do mission’s work. So often we take our bodies for granted until something happens to them or someone that we love.

K2I am fired up because the past two days I have led the Killer Kurves program as my trainer Liz is taking a well deserved vacation to Florida. Killer Kurves is in their 2nd of 12 weeks and the momentum that has been building over the first few weeks has been awesome. To see these men and women be able to do things that they thought were only things they could do decades ago gets me excited. Seeing the increase in energy to play with their kids and grandkids, and having deeper sleep also gives me joy. I spoke to one member this morning who has lost 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks. More than the weight loss for her was the increase in energy she feels. She feels like she is starting to take back her life that was taken from slowly going down the route of pleasing everyone else, and not focusing on herself.

She is also bringing her husband along to the grocery store tour that I do for the K2 group. Seeing the family come together and get on the same page is so important! Another K2 alumni sent me the following message last night:

“Hi, visited my doctor this morning. My cholesterol is down 50 points to 138! Triglycerides down to 57 from 116. I have eaten more fat and meat than I ever would have allowed myself thanks to you and Wheat Belly with excellent results! I feel so fortunate to have found K2 and really enjoyed kicking butt at the doctors today! Thank you, it is an awesome program and I am in for the long haul!

I thought my cholesterol would be sky high eating full fat dairy and grass fed beef, but it actually lowered and my good cholesterol went up four points. I am confident in eating this way now since my numbers improved. My resting pulse has dropped to 60 from the 80s since starting k2 in February and my blood pressure is lower. This was all achieved strictly with the diet and exercise, no meds.”

This is a very common as someone begins to follow our eating and exercise plan and has a tight knit community of people who care about each others successes and failures. I am not sharing this to pitch K2 (we are sold out for now anyways), but I want to encourage you that you are fully capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to.

You just need to have three things…

1. A strong desire to want to change. You need to have massive conviction that today is the day you need to start, and put it as one of your top life priorities.K21

2. A specific plan that works for your schedule and your limitations. An eating plan that you can continue the rest of your life along with an exercise program that is maintainable and not so extreme that you can only keep it going for a few weeks or months.

3. A support group around you that is going to encourage you during tough times. Call you out on your own BS, and celebrate the small and big victories with you.

If all three of these things are in place, magic can happen and your life can change 180 degrees. This is what gets me up at 4:45 AM each day excited. Seeing your life go from bad to amazing or good to great is an incredible feeling and I plan on doing this for a very long time.

Being a fitness professional for a decade now, I have realized I can’t really help you too much with #1. You need to get to a place where you want it bad enough, but if you have #1 and don’t know where to turn for 2 and 3, feel free to reach out to me at dustinmaherfitness.com, and share your story. 

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