Healthy Gluten Free Coconut Key Lime Pie Recipe

St. Patrick’s day has passed but lets keep it going with a little more “green.” Living a healthy life is all about moderation. I don’t believe living a healthy lifestyle requires a life without dessert, but when desserts can be made into a healthier treat, all the better! My friend and nutritionist, Tracie Fountain, has a healthier dessert recipe to share with you today. Click here ->-> Healthy Gluten Free Coconut Key Lime Pie Recipe

Tracie is also the brainchild behind the eating plan (recipes and menus) for our Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge. The participants in our FM4L 6 week challenge are raving about how amazing and simple the recipes are and how much their families enjoy them, too!Patty

Our FM4L participants are loving our healthier eating plan because it’s simple, tasty and because it’s leading to powerful improvements in their health – in cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and so on. Check out this text we received from one participant.Patty21

The FM4L 6 Week Challenge is being relaunched in Madison and around the world in a big way this week! This is perfect timing for you to jump in and join us and get yourself into awesome shape for the warm summer months ahead. The program includes:

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  • Over 80 recipes, snacks and meals
  • 4, 30 minute fat dripping, at home DVD workouts using free weights and a ball.
  • 2, 20 minute body toning workouts using body weight only (especially great for traveling)
  • 61 page participant guide (journal, reading materials, etc)
  • Copy of my book Fit Moms For Life
  • Online support through our private Facebook group
  • Access to our in-person group meetings once per week (if available in your community)
  • Access to our weekly virtual hangout
  • -Handy healthy foods magnet
  • -FM4L bracelet

This incredible program is available to you for a small investment of just over $2/day. Don’t you think you are worth more then a daily cup of coffee? How awesome would it be to give your kids a mom that feels healthy, strong & proud of herself? Want to feel your energy, health and life flourish as your confidence grows?

Click here to get started today

If you are looking to join our virtual weekly FM4L group, you need to first invest in the 6 week challenge and then CLICK HERE to get access to our weekly hangouts. The Virtual FM4L group will start at 8 pm, March 26th CST. If you are in the Madison area we have at least 5 FM4L challenge groups starting in the next few weeks and we want to invite you to our FM4L Launch Party this Sunday night at 6:30 pm at the FM4L Transformation Center (202 South Gammon Road).

Whether you have already signed up for a FM4L challenge or just want more info on the program, we will show you a fun, informative, inspirational time! At this launch party we’ll enjoy healthy snacks, intriguing discussions, testimonials from previous participants and leaders and there will be plenty of time for Q&A’s and raffle prizes, too. Our Madison FM4L launch party is a free, informational and inspirational event to all those interested in improving their health, wellness and life! Please spread the word, bring friends and reply to this e-mail if you plan on joining us.

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