My Realization Over A Broken Windshield

Animated snowI had a rough past week. My car, which is one of the worst cars ever built for snow, got stuck 4 times over the course of a couple days, ending in the most dramatic fashion…I was driving up Gammon Road pumped to teach my Fit Moms session. It had snowed no more then 1 inch, and my rear wheel drive car made it 3/4 of the way up the hill and decided it couldn’t get up any higher and wanted to slide back down. Over the next 5 minutes, I slowly backed down the hill and did a fast 180 between the waves of traffic. Then 10 minutes of driving through neighborhoods that were flat got me to my destination.

The next day, I went to my heated garage to find my rear windshield completely shattered. There was no glass broken away,1_Glass_3 but I had to go ASAP to speak at the Well Expo. As I began to drive the glass began to break away and fly into my car and onto the roads. Lovely. My window was shattered, not by a rock or vandalism but by the changes in temps. I had never heard of this but have realized now it is pretty common. How could a normal looking piece of glass just shatter out of nowhere?

I look for lessons in life in all my circumstances…

How could I use this silly example, that would cost me less then $500 to fix, into a life-changing lesson? I figured that good glass just doesn’t break, it must have been compromised in some way. There must have been small cracks that weren’t visible to the naked eye, hair line fractures that built up over time until an extra stressor (cold to warm) would be the catalyst needed to start a devastating reaction.

Then it hit me…

This is exactly what happens to our bodies. We destroy them, or at least compromise them, by not getting enough sleep, sitting too much, not raising our heart rate often enough, eating foods that cause inflammation, and putting things into our body that have no benefit. Over time our blood pressure rises, cholesterol increases, arteries harden, heart weakens, and insulin becomes resistant.

It doesn’t happen overnight…

father-timeIt creeps up on your over a long period of time. The waist line expands, energy levels drop, memory shortens, and the warning signs come, which we usually ignore. Then when you least expect it, diabetes hits, cancer strikes, heart attack shock, stroke surprise, and the back gives out.

It didn’t just “happen.”

It was a process that started years, if not decades ago. But the good news is that most of this can be changed, and be changed really quickly. Move more, eat more real foods, sit less, smile more, take deep breaths and relax. It might just save your life, or at least improve the QUALITY of the years of your life.

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Heck, do whatever you like. P90X, Insanity, Curves, Zumba, a local gym, whatever… just do something. Take some cooking classes, invest in some nutritional coaching, and learn where your food is coming from. I care about you more then you might care about yourself, and believe your best years are ahead of you. You have the control – take it.

As I became more educated through the glass guys, I was told that my analogy doesn’t hold up regarding glass. I guess my glass was perfect one minute and destroyed the next. Oh well, the analogy still applies to the body, and for that I am thankful that I was able to share this lesson with you and it only cost me $500 and not my life or a limb. 🙂


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