Let Me Be Vulnerable and Share With You A Secret…

Being a fitness professional is hard…

Pizza2It is hard to live up to the standards and “perfect” lifestyle that our clients believe we have. Believe it or not, most fitness professionals struggle with body image, weight maintenance, motivation, etc., just like you. I really struggled with this earlier on in my career. I would make sure none of my clients were around at the grocery store if I bought a frozen pizza for a weekend treat, or got a cookie from the gas station down the street or pulled up the Mickey D’s drive thru for an ice cream cone.

As I have been in the industry for a decade now, I have tried to do a better job at being real and the struggles I even face at eating healthy and exercising Nachosconsistently. This is why I frequently post pics on FB of me eating massive plates of nachos… Have I told you before I LOVE nachos! Side note: please don’t buy me gift certificates now to places to get more nachos, I don’t need anymore help feeding my love addiction with them. 🙂

Then there is the whole working out…

I LIKE to workout

I LOVE the pump I get after a workout

I LOVE the endorphins I feel after

I LIKE the physical benefits it gives me


Even I haven’t been able to stay consistent working out on my own. I just celebrated 15 years of working out and you would think by now it would be a habit, and it sorta is, but I can catch myself going 3-5 even up to 7 days without getting much of a good sweat in. This is after I just got done telling you I like exercise and love the benefits.

Most people don’t even enjoy exercise, no wonder it is so hard to be consistent. Since I know my tendencies, I have made specific intentions and action steps to counteract my desire to rather sit on the couch then get up and move. I have at least one if not two workout partners. Last summer you might remember I pulled off a pretty incredible fitness feat that nobody has been able to beat yet.

Leading up to that day, I had a 21 year old professional rugby player from London living with me and working out with me 5-6 days per week. He pushed me and I pushed him. Consequently the day of that challenge at the age of 30, I was in the best shape of my life. That week he left to go back to London and gone was my workout buddy. 🙁 For the next 4 months I didn’t workout consistently and when I did it was maybe 60% of my best. I was frustrated that I gained about 9 lbs, but way more frustrating was the strength that I lost and the explosive short bursts of cardio that I once had.

I decided it was time to step things up because I wasn’t happy where it was going. I asked my brother’s friend Tyler if he would be my partner. Tyler is 220 lbs with big guns, something I want 🙂 The past 4 months we have worked out HARD 4 times each week for 30 minutes, and I am now stronger then I have ever been in my life, and not too far off my cardio from last summer.

I share this vulnerable story with you just to say that I can relate to you if you struggle from starting and stopping workout plans and eating consistently. I get it. It is ok to admit it, but what isn’t ok is to admit it and do nothing about it. If exercise consistency and intensity is something you struggle with you MUST find a workout partner, join an in person program that cares about you, or at the very least get together once a week with a group to make sure each are staying on track.

I have been to maybe 100 or so health clubs and gyms throughout my life and I am blown away that many of them have more a of funeral atmosphere than a fun, inviting, party atmosphere. Everyone is wearing their headphones and doing their own thing.

FitMomTransformationCenterOct13-70I guess that is one reason I am so proud of the Fit Moms Transformation Centers in Madison, Wisconsin, along with the 90 or so locations that have formed around North America under the Fit Moms for Life local Community groups. When you come to our locations or join a Fit Moms for Life group, you matter.  You always enter a place of fun and support. If you don’t have that in your life don’t just “wish” something will change, seek it out and you will find it. Click here if you want to be part of a local group around the world by joining our FM4L 6 Week Challenge.

Click here for the days and times at our Transformation Center to attend a FREE week to come check out what all the buzz is about.

Please share any stories you have of how a group or accountability partner has pushed you towards reaching your goals.

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