A Benefit Most Don’t Talk About From Exercise

I recently attended an internet marketing conference (for the 4th straight year), to help me improve my communication skills. I am determined to use the internet in the best way possible to help bring hope and health to moms who are looking for a way out of constantly putting others’ needs ahead of their own and bring more balance to the many demands of motherhood. I was super inspired to attend this conference. Liz (one of my extraordinary trainers), and I have recently met with over two dozen incredible women who have joined our newly launched personal training program.

1_ChainWe had the opportunity to spend 30 minutes with each woman. Getting to know each and everyone of them has been amazing. Over this past week, as I got better acquainted with these remarkable ladies, I’ve cried, laughed, gasped, felt goose bumps, a whole range of emotions came up. Through listening to their stories, we were able to explore their fitness and health goals and then create an exercise plan to help them reach these goals. An added plus is, I know they will see other areas of their life improve as well.

You see, Liz and I (and all of our trainers and instructors at the Fit Moms Transformation Centers), use exercise as a catalyst to help our clients improve other areas and aspects of their lives. Simply providing a workout that makes someone sore, out of breath, and maybe even throw up (that happened today), is one thing, but using the experience of exercise and that transformative process to then carry over into other areas of their life, is a different story-and it’s our story here at Fit Moms Transformation Center.

TrainersThe purpose of this post is not to pitch our services as trainers or coaches (we aren’t currently accepting anymore applications right now), but I hope it is a note that will encourage you to think about your own life and how you can use the momentum and emotion that intense exercise creates to achieve greater results in other areas of this one life you were given.

There’s no denying that low intensity activities like walking are great for clearing the mind, increasing blood flow, and mood. I recommend you do these types of activities often. BUT…there is something special that happens when you ask your body to do intense things that you never thought were possible. When you push past your boundaries, incredible things can happen, the least of which are physical.

If you are reading this and your exercise life is non-existent, then just start small. Commit to walking 10 minutes each day, or doing 10 squats each day, or 10 knee pushups -something realistic and doable for you. As you get stronger increase your reps and/or add additional sets. If you are someone who walks and does some exercise here or there, but haven’t really “pushed” yourself for quite some time, I encourage you to start slow but go ahead and get your body out of its comfort level. Set some crazy goal 3-6 months from now and train for it. Not only will your body change, your life will too!

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