What is The Shortest Amount of Time Possible To Get Results

1 timeWhat do you think is people’s #1 reason why they don’t exercise enough? According to national surveys along with my own survey, TIME was the #1 excuse. Yes, I call it an excuse even though some in my survey tried to convince me otherwise. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Sure there are some whose circumstances make it easier then others, but it is still a choice at the end of the day.

P90X is an awesome program but very few people can commit to 60-90 minutes 6X per week of workouts (the new ones just released are shorter now). Maybe some can commit to it for 90 days, but then what? Most that I know were so burnt out that they stopped working out all together. So what is the shortest amount of time you can exercise and get results? I have been testing this out a lot. As you probably know, all my newer DVD workouts are 8-30 minutes long. When it comes to muscle toning (ie getting stronger), I believe it only takes 10 minutes 3-5X per week. That is it! All muscle needs is an intense stimulus to be applied to it, in order to break down the muscle so that it then regrows stronger and toned.

What about the emotional benefits of exercise? These are HUGE, better then any drug the companies can find. I do believe 10 minutes can start to have positive chemical effects in the body, but I believe it increases from 10-20 minutes and even to the 30 minute mark. What about fat and calorie burning…This is where a 30 min workout will most likely out perform at 10 minute workout in total calories, and a 60 minute workout will probably burn more total calories then a 30 minute workout.

1 Eat rgithIf you have read my blog and newsletter for awhile you will know that exercise isn’t very effective as a way to lose weight, but rather a nutritional plan that consists of higher protein, moderate/high levels of fat, and moderate to low carbs. The past year I have been experimenting on my own body, and I have only done 20-30 min max workouts 4-5X per week. I feel great and don’t think I look or perform any differently then when I was at the gym for an hour or more. I am not saying that this will work for everyone, but for those who exercise, most are spending WAY too much time doing it, and way too LITTLE time working on their nutrition.

When I am referring to 10-30 min of exercise, I am not saying that this is a casual walk, pilates, or zumba… This is heavy lifting, HIIT, and all total body stuff. I hope this message encourages those of you who say you don’t have enough time to exercise. It doesn’t take as much time as you are telling yourself. I also hope this helps you if you exercise quite a bit and are frustrated with your lack of results. Put the effort you are doing in exercise and transfer some of that to your eating and drinking habits.

This is why I am putting such a huge focus on cooking classes and nutritional classes at my Fit Moms Transformation Centers, and have hired professional chefs/nutritionists to create easy, affordable, healthy, and tasty recipes and menu plans for my various programs.

If you aren’t quite sure what types of workouts will get you results in 10-30 minutes, I have created a program called the Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge. There are 6 workouts included that are 20-30 minutes in length. Check out the results of these two woman who participated in the Fit Moms for Life 6 Week Challenge.

But the reason why the average person loses 10 lbs and up to 22 lbs with this 6 week program, isn’t just the exercise. It has more to do with the eating plan we provide reduces inflammation and fuels the body with the right nutrients. It also heals the body allowing it to release water and fat. Even with a great eating plan and workout plan, most people wouldn’t finish it and keep the results going like we have seen, the secret sauce is two fold…

In the journal we ask specific questions that help you discover your big why, your big motivation of why you want to get the results you want. This combined with our in Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 9.45.29 PMperson and online meetings and access ensures that each person stays accountable because it doesn’t want to let the group down. There are no programs that I have seen that combines these 4 elements to help women who have failed so many times in the past to succeed. If you have a program already that is working, awesome! Keep going with it, but if you don’t I would like to invite you to make the $2.50/day investment into your own health.

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People need to want to change. As a fitness professional I need to work hard at putting out content in different ways to help someone go from “thinking about it” to wanting to actually do it. In order for someone to get to that point, they need to believe in their heart that the path that they are currently heading is a path that will cause lots of pain and suffering, and the solution (exercise, nutrition, positive environment, etc) won’t be as painful as they believe. That is what it ultimately comes down to.

So maybe I will showcase more leg amputations from diabetes, stories of death and suffering and then contrast that with the power of making SMALL, GRADUAL, SIMPLE, PAIN FREE, tweaks to one’s lifestyle. It doesn’t take overhauling your entire life today to make a difference tomorrow. Continue to eat the crap you are eating, just eat less of it, take a walk and get moving, go get out of your comfort level just a little bit. Maybe that is saying hi to a stranger, attending a free class at your local gym, or trying a new vegetable.

How much do you spend on your kids? You are worth it too.

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