Check out this story about Betsy… can you relate?

I recently spent over 9 hours in two days pouring over and responding to the 337 surveys that had been submitted about personal choices.  I’ll be sharing all the all the results from the survey soon.

Betsy is a 36 year old, married, mother of two (3, 5), who lives in a relatively small town in Wisconsin. She works part-time to help pay the bills, but is first and foremost a mom to her two young children. She loves being a mom, but also feels that she has lost a bit of who she is. She never lost the baby weight and is not happy with how she looks or feels. She has tried to make changes in the past, going on various fad diets or trying a new workout trend, but she hasn’t been able to stick with anything long term. And in her small town, there aren’t many options for her in terms of fitness centers, health-related services, etc.

She has reached a point where she really wants to change, because she is worried about her own health and her ability to keep up with her kids. She hates how she looks and feels alone and depressed–she does not love who she is right now. But she is terrified that she will not stick with whatever she tries, leaving her to fail once more. She also feels guilty about the idea of spending time and money on herself, rather than on her family. And she has no idea how to fit anything else into her insanely busy days.

Does this sound familiar? Betsy is actually a made up person based off the hundreds of stories people shared in the “Personal Choice” survey. We have created a program that meets Betsy’s criteria.

It is…

  • affordable (under $2.50 per day)
  • time efficient (20-30 min workouts)
  • convenient (can do it at home)
  • has accountability (in person and online)
  • easy to follow delicious recipes (that your family will LOVE)
  • isn’t a quick fix or diet fad (Fit Moms only teaches things that you can do the rest of your life

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The program is called the Fit Moms Six Week Challenge, and we are launching a new six week challenge locally in Madison next week, and (online) for anyone in the world starting in a couple weeks.

Click here to learn more and to invest in your challenge kit 

In December, I personally had 30 ladies in my group and they lost an average of 10 lbs in the six weeks. Some lost as much as 22 lbs and those who only lost a couple pounds still lost at least 5-6 inches.

But forget weight loss for a second and lets talk about what these ladies gained.Women

  • They gained confidence that they found a program they could stick with instead of a fad they go on.
  • They began to see changes in the way their kids and husbands ate.
  • They actually ENJOYED going clothes shopping and wasn’t confused what to get at the grocery store.
  • They found simple to make recipes that the entire family loved.
  • They discovered how effect and fun short amounts of exercise can be.
  • They made new friends and have kept in touch with them and created accountability groups.

If you are someone who wants even more accountability, join the 80 leaders from around North America who lead their own FM4L Six Week Challenge in their community and earn money. Some in the first couple months have made close to $1000. The leaders also get much more access to myself and our team dedicated to helping the leaders grow.

Click here if you are interested in being a leader

I would like to challenge you to find 3 others to do this program with you. This time of the year people are feeling guilty about what they did to their bodies through the holidays and you can provide them with a fun and affordable solution that will bring you closer together.

If you have any specific questions about the program please e-mail me at, and I will answer your questions.

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