20 “Core” Exercises To Get You Through The Holidays… Plus Name Your Own Price Sale!

Dustin I want a flat stomach, how do I get it?


I keep hurting my back and my doctor/PT says I need to strengthen the core how do I do that?


I am a runner or play other sports and after 15-20 minutes of activity, I feel like more core isn’t able to keep up, what can I do?

These are just a few of the questions I get related to core training.  I have obsessed about the subject since I was 13 years old. Read pretty much every book on the subject, 1 a dustindone so many core DVDs, and studied it in college and created fitness classes around core training specifically. I was even nominated and received an honorable mention in a national “abs” contest – haha the vanity in that. Luckily, I am mostly over the vanity of a flat stomach (but still want to keep a good six-pack up), and more concerned about making sure the core is functional to protect my back from getting injured.

I created a youtube video for you from one of my “Got Core” classes that I taught awhile back. It will give you at least 20 exercises that yougot-core-upright-graphic can start doing today to strengthening your core.  Click here to watch the video

I don’t believe it to be a coincidence that my #1 selling DVD of all time is my 2 disk DVD set called “Got Core.”  It has sold thousands of copies all over the world, and testimonials have come in from as far away as Europe and South America. On the surface it contains over 50 exercises that target the area, but it is much more then that…It is 8 workouts, each only 15 minutes long (who can’t create 15 extra minutes 3X/week). The workouts start out very basic and simple (to the level my 65 year old mom could do), and they slowly progress to level 8 which will challenge the most fit. [side note] I had my NFL friend try and he couldn’t do the hardest level.

The DVD set retails for $29.99 plus $4.99 S&H. A great value I must say and thousands have agreed with their pocket books. But for the Christmas season I want to try something I have never done before. I want to let you name your own price.  All you need for these workouts is a stability ball (55-65 cm will do) and maybe a weight for an extra challenge, but that is it.

Make a reasonable offer based on what you think they are worth to you, and I will have them shipped out. (If you feel like they are worth more then $29.99 feel free to offer more 🙂 )  Make me an offer!  With Christmas around the corner this could make a great stocking stuffer, so I am allowing you to get as many copies at that price, but I want to ask that if you do that, you won’t go and turn around and sell it on ebay, or other reseller site for a profit.

Flat stomachs are also made in the kitchen, click here for five tips to a flatter stomach.



  1. I opened up an email from you and got to the part of “Make me an offer” for the Got Core videos and it took me to Fit Moms portion of the site. Then I went to the shop area and it had the normal price in there. I am a single mom with 3 kids who lost a good deal of weight after I lost my mom a year ago and in the past month have gained 10 of the pounds back-in the areas from my thighs to my waist. My muffin top is coming back and I was thinking of trying out these videos. But I am unable to pay full price with Christmas coming and having to get presents for the kids. So when I saw the offer of “make me an offer”, I thought I would try it, but am not able to connect with the link.

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