I believe consistency is the key to changing your body and living healthy. As a trainer, I have seen many people make a stab at getting to the gym and changing their lives, but within a few weeks to month, are back to their old ways. Every year I see the influx of the January crowd diminish and it is back to pre New Years resolution numbers. I see the former athletes who were once in great shape get burnt out and quit exercising and see their bodies and life substantially decrease in quality. I see the once fit woman, have kids and now doesn’t give herself the time she deserves to take care of her own body.

If people were only able to change their mindset and have a “be in it for the long haul attitude,” many more people would reach their goals and not struggle so much to maintain a healthy weight and feel good about themselves. But we are in a society of quick fix, immediate gratification lifestyle, which we get frustrated when the changes don’t happen overnight. Remember, people don’t just get fat and out of shape overnight. It takes years and decades. Don’t expect results to be overnight and quit before they happen.

1 a ConsistancyAttaining and keeping the body you want takes discipline and life long dedication and CONSISTENCY. Eating well and exercising only 50% of the time will not get you the results you want. I like to use the 90/10 rule. If you do the right thing 90% of the time you will get the results you want! So if you have a bad day or week, shake it off and start again, because the only ones who lose are the ones who quit.

In order for us to radically change the health, wellness, and happiness of the world we need to seek out a peer group that is committed to living a higher/healthier standard of living, because lets face it, the mass public in NOT going in the right direction.

This is why exercise fads will come and go, diets will gain popularity and die just as quickly, without lasting change. We aren’t getting to the roots of the problem and we aren’t focusing on building relationships with positive, loving, healthy, and active people.

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group. Choose your peers wisely.” -Tony Robbins

We NEED you to step up and not settle for what is going on in our bodies today, and live into all that you are capable of being. This is why Fit Moms For Life 6 Week Challenge isn’t just another gimmicky diet and exercise plan, but it is a movement, a way of thinking, a way of living, and a way of connecting with others who support the mission and the vision. We are looking for women who are all shapes, sizes, races, ages, and live all around the world to believe in what Fit Moms For Life stands for and join us by becoming a leader!

We aren’t looking for perfection, but rather progress and desire.


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