True Transformation

Last May I received an unsolicited email from Ava.  Ava and her fiance Walter, just hit their one year anniversary with our Fit Fun Bootcamps.   Her message communicates very well what a true transformation looks like.

It isn’t just about one thing like exercising consistently, losing weight, eating better, changing your mindset, being happier, or inspiring others…It is ALL those combined and more. When a person sees true transformation, their old self in a way dies and a new self is born. That is the goal each of our trainers have when working with clients. It isn’t just about delivering a workout that will leave the body shaking (anyone can do that), but it is to inspire each person to transform into a better version of themselves. (We all can improve to be better!)

Here was her email…


I saw your post about getting ready for the summer…and I realized that Walter and I just hit our 1-year anniversary of bootcamping! This, together with your birthday reflections, got me to reflect on my own life, especially the last year.

We ran the hill yesterday and I remembered my first day… I was one of the youngest people there and…. I was one of the last ones up the hill. Honestly (sorry if this sounds inappropriate), seeing women who are *much* older than me, mothers and wives, some of which could be my mothers, chasing me up the hill was one of my biggest motivators last year!!! In my head, it was *me* who was supposed to be more fit than any of them… but I wasn’t. It was hard to grasp the fact that I am nowhere Juneclose to where I should, and could, be.

Last year I wasn’t able to run for more than 0.5mile. Three weeks ago I ran a 5K. None of my summer clothes fit anymore – none. I can deal with loose shirts, but can’t do anything about all of my shorts/pants being too big. Belts don’t help anymore. I haven’t been wearing my engagement ring lately because it falls off my finger and I’m afraid I will lose it. I track my food, eat better and feel better.  I am healthier, feel healthier, and I feel fit and confident. A lot has changed. I changed. I don’t know how much of my change has to do with the change of my lifestyle due to bootcamps, the community building in your programs, or how much of it is just because I am older and more mature. I think all of these contributed to who I am today.  I am far from the person I was a year ago. I can stand my ground more easily, I stick by what I feel and believe more firmly.  I don’t get involved in relationships and friendships that are not reciprocated anymore. I learned to walk away from things that don’t help me grow, and walk towards things that I want and need. I am less emotional. I feel more… defined.

Walter tells me that I grew balls lately – hahahahaha. My relationship with him changed a bit too. I am more appreciative of him, of who he is, of how much we “fit” together. We’re getting married in a few weeks and I have never been as sure of this relationship as I am now. It feels great 🙂

Having Walter as a partner and future husband has been incredible. He has always been the optimist, the happy guy, my better half. Always inspiring, always positive, always joking, always making me smile. He has supported me in ways that I cannot describe. But for some reason I didn’t see all of him and his full character until recently. He laughs that I became a mini-Walter lately. The transformation that happened to me was long overdue and I owe a lot of it to him also. 🙂

The community of your clients is inspiring. I’m sure that I am not the only one who gets to reflect on their own life by observing and seeing other people’s stories and struggles. People tend to think that they received the short end of the stick, which makes us unhappy and wanting more and more of what others have. We are not as appreciative as we should be for what we do have and we all have a lot.  We just need to open our eyes and start seeing the good in our lives. I definitely have opened my eyes. I appreciate what I have much more than I used to. I started caring more about my friendships and also grew closer with my friends…. It feels good to feel needed and appreciated. Being called an inspiration and a best friend inspires me to be more.  I feel grateful to hear I was the only one that came through in tough times and I was the only one who remembered something important.   Friends have stated they don’t know how they will repay all of the support I’ve given.  Friends tell me that I made them cry (in a good way), because I sent them an inspirational card which they very much needed at the moment, and my gesture kept them going and believing. It feels good, Dustin! 😉 

I grew closer with my family too, although it has been harder since I think my family doesn’t see my change as positively as I do. I have a family of complainers and pessimists. When they see me happy and optimistic, even at the worst moments, they tend to think that I just don’t care about them or the situation in question as much as I should. Well, that’s one thing that I still need to work on. 🙂  I am proud of my aunt who took a turn in her life and started working out and eating healthy. I gave her your book a few months back and she called me crying after reading the intro stating that every word of it is so true but she failed to realize it before. She started with your FMFL DVDs, then she found a local bootcamp in Chicago and she works out 3 x week. She hates burpees btw, but she says she is really good with pushups.  I think you two would get along very well. I am hoping they visit us this summer and I will bring her to your bootcamp.:) 

Alright, so much for one-year-reflections. I am looking forward for the years to come. Well, for now I am looking forward to the next 7 weeks since I need to get those arms & shoulders in shape for the wedding!

I hope to see you at Elver!!


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